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Golf instructors worldwide touting Power Package Golf as hottest new training aid

CARLSBAD, Calif. -- Golf's leading teaching professionals around the world are integrating the Power Package Golf swing training device into their curriculum due to overwhelmingly positive feedback from their students. Since the launch in early July Power Package Golf has sold over an unprecedented 1,000 units online.

In less than two months of being available for purchase, Power Package Golf is rising up the charts as the leading swing training aid available on the market. PGA Teaching Professionals and coaches alike are finding their students are able to easily feel and identify swing issues and are able to make corrections leading to better results.

"Poor wrist conditions at the start of the swing are responsible for inconsistent golf," says elite golf instructor Mitchell Spearman. "The Power Package gets your wrists to function in a manner that allows the golfer to know where the club head is throughout the swing. That's where great golf starts."

The swing trainer easily attaches to all golf clubs from wedges to drivers allowing golfers to immediately experience proper wrist action, proper width and lag, how to maintain a square club face, and what it truly feels like to keep the club on an ideal plane throughout the swing. The device assists golf teachers and coaches to pinpoint issues in a manner that the student can physically feel instead of having to verbally communicate what they should or should not be experiencing during their swing.

The Power Package Golf swing aid assists golf students by:
• Providing an ideal swing by putting the golfer in the correct position from take away to follow through.
• Creating a consistent experience with every use.
• Alleviating common swing mistakes by correcting multiple swing fundamentals with one tool.

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About Power Package Golf
Power Package Golf was developed by top ranked golf instructor Chris Walkey to provide consumers with a golf swing training device that would simultaneously correct the most frequent faults golfers face with their golf swing. The training aid is being used by golfers of all levels from beginners to touring pros all with the same purpose - to help golfers create the optimal swing fundamentals.

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