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Portable Golf Solutions announce new CD Golf Swing Analysis

After a year of experimenting, fine tuning a great new software and testing the video compatibility we have now completed our 1st Portable Golf Solutions (PGS) product! We are very excited to announce our CD Golf Swing Analysis which we are now presenting to Tournament Directors, General Managers of Golf Courses in our area, as well as to potential sponsors of charity golf tournaments. We take swing videos from every player at a designated Tournament Tee area without interrupting the flow of the tournament and using PGA Tour Instruction Video we will customize a personal CD Swing Analysis for every player in your event. This can be utilized as a player gift, awards gift, or sponsor/retail promotional piece! The CD is then custom stamped and duplicated and inserted into a custom jewel case for each player by a local DIGITAL MANUFACTURER/PARTNER of Portable Golf Solutions!

We are inviting everyone to take a peek at the CD Swing Analysis Demo link which can now be viewed on our Portable Golf Solutions web site! Should you be interested in becoming partners, we have a program that we can e-mail to you for consideration. Either way please let us know if you need more information, would like to review the distribution opportunity, or have no interest. We are now offering a special introductory price so you can try the product through a special offer until June 1-07! Portable Golf Solutions will then market directly to the PGA Tournament Directors Association, PGA Sectional Associations, Golf Course Owners & General Managers Associations & Charity/Corporate Tournament Directors around the country through direct mail pieces and e-mail blasts!

Here is the link:
(Keep in mind this is only the preview demo run….we can include a Sponsors 1:00 Minute Video Commercial message that opens the CD, with files and logos on the charity, sponsor in all type of file formats and video on this CD. Recently, one sponsor paid for all 120 CD Swing Analysis at our 1st charity golf tournament offering! Each individual CD Golf Swing Analysis runs approximately 4 minutes in length. The best part is that we can duplicate this CD product at future events via Iron approaches, Chip shots, or putting stroke analysis!)

Richard Hall, PGA Tour Instructor, and my partner in this product program hope things are going well for you and that you enjoy this exclusive preview!

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