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Author Taba Dale launches book tour in Scotland visiting golf clubs featured in her new book: A Stroll on the Old Lady

As players prepare for The Open Championship, Author Taba Dale takes to the road in Scotland for a multi-stop book tour where she'll share her recently-released book, A STROLL ON THE OLD LADY.

Dale's book provides a peek into the lore of golf and its charmed surroundings. This collection of enchanted stories, each based from a unique links-land setting, will be the topic of discussion as Dale visits several venues chronicled in her latest work, A STROLL ON THE OLD LADY.

The book tour itinerary includes a stop at Scotland's Stuart Castle, the enchanting site where Dale penned the chapter Thin Red Line. Next, The Marcliffe Hotel, which served as the inspirational setting for Dale's story Monarch of the Marcliffe. The book tour will also take the talented author back to St. Andrews, The Home of Golf, and for which the book, A STROLL ON THE OLD LADY, is affectionately titled.

The tour wouldn't be complete without a stop at The Open at Royal Troon, where some of the world's greatest tour players will vie for the coveted championship title. Before the book tour is complete Dale plans to also visit Prestwick, site of the first Open Championship and the setting of the book's opening story Birthplace of The Open. The tour wraps up at Machrihanish Golf Club, which ironically is the scene of the book's closing story, Knock the Spots Off.

According to Dale, her well-mapped book tour also serves as an opportunity to thank those who inspired her to write the series of stories found within the 154-page book, published by Clare House Publishing and available on Amazon where it is tagged as a Best Book of 2016 So Far.

Dale is a golf aficionado and the ultimate golf insider, one that is welcomed where very few writers have ever been—the inner sanctum of many exclusive golf clubs. Her infectious wit and authenticity allow the reader to vicariously view golf historic sites, providing an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at some of the most elite golf clubs.

A STROLL ON THE OLD LADY is available in paperback at Amazon ($14.95). Additionally, Dale is the author of A Summer in Ireland-Life and Golf on the Emerald Isle, which is also available through Amazon. For more stories and to learn more about Dale and her fine work, visit

More about author Taba Dale

Having grown up in Washington, D.C. amidst world-class museums, Taba Dale has worked as a fine art dealer for thirty-seven years and became the first to market golf art online by creating the Scottsdale Collection in 1988. Dale is Co-Founder of Legacy of the Links, a management and consulting company for tournaments, golf events overseas, unique fundraising projects, and other events. She is the Co-Founder of the Top 100 Invitational, which celebrates the great golf clubs and courses that have been included on various top 100 United States and world ranking lists. Dale spends her summers in Ireland writing and frequently visits Scotland and other European countries.

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