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Author Taba Dale releases her latest book: A STROLL ON THE OLD LADY

Author Taba Dale has released her latest book entitled: A STROLL ON THE OLD LADY. Published by Clare House Publishing and available on Amazon, the book is a collection of enjoyably enchanting stories, each revealing the essence of golf from a pure links setting. Dale has uniquely provided a peek at some of the most significant courses along the coastline of Scotlandꟷ from Prestwick, the birthplace of the Open Championship− to the remote and magical Machrihanish on the Mull of Kintyre.

"Born and raised in Scotland I love both the country and the game it birthed, golf. Taba Dale has done a wonderful job bringing the rich culture, history and vibrance of my home land to life in her writings," said Golf Course Architect David McLay Kidd, Principal of DMK Golf Design.

Dale is a golf aficionado and the ultimate golf insider, one that is welcomed where very few writers have ever been—the inner sanctum of many exclusive golf clubs. Her infectious wit and authenticity allow the reader to vicariously view golf historic sites, providing an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at some of the most elite golf courses in the world—including the Old Lady herself, The Old Course at St. Andrews.

Dale's masterful use of language and dialogue immerses one in the lingo and lore of each destination as she takes the reader on this one-of-a-kind golf tour. Written over a three-year period, Dale's book is historically factual, noteworthy from course to clubhouse, and then some. For fans of Golf in the Kingdom by Michael Murphy and Two Years in St. Andrews by George Peper, this insightful and humorous book is an essential addition to a golf lover's library. The book is also an ideal gift for Father's Day and a must-read for anyone considering a trip to Scotland, the true Home of Golf.

Pat Ruddy, Owner & Designer of The European Club, probably sums up the book A STROLL ON THE OLD LADY the best. "Everyone who is truly addicted to golf will know what it is like. Year after year, morning, noon and night the mind just will not leave the game alone," shared Ruddy. "These good people will bond with Taba Dale who displays the enthusiasm and wonderment of a young girl as she strolls and wanders from one golf adventure to the next and, thankfully, shares it all in eloquent prose. Travelling with her, one becomes a part of the fabric of the game, its history and its now, its people and its places. This book is an irresistible journey and will hold a place on the library table for many years, to be read and reread, before being consigned to a quiet corner on the shelves."

A STROLL ON THE OLD LADY is available in paperback at Amazon ($14.95). Additionally, Dale is the author of A Summer in Ireland-Life and Golf on the Emerald Isle, which is also available through Amazon. For more stories and to learn more about Dale and her fine work, visit

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Having grown up in Washington, D.C. amidst world-class museums, Taba Dale has worked as a fine art dealer for 37 years and became the first to market golf art online by creating the Scottsdale Collection in 1988. Dale is co-founder of Legacy of the Links, a management and consulting company for tournaments, golf events overseas (specializing in Ireland), unique fundraising projects, and other events. She is the cofounder of the Top 100 Invitational, which celebrates the great golf clubs and courses that have been included on various top 100 United States and world ranking lists. Dale spends her summers in Ireland writing and frequently visits Scotland and other European countries.

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