Golf News for Wednesday, May 2, 2007 | Courses

Bulle Rock Golf Club forbids traditional ball mark repair tools

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Scottsdale, Arizona-based GreenFix Golf announced that Bulle Rock Golf Club, one of the country’s premier daily fee golf courses, located in Havre De Grace, Maryland and host site of the 2007 McDonald’s LPGA Championship, has banned traditional ball mark repair tools, due to the extensive green damage they cause, which directly impacts a smooth putting surface for golfers.

In an effort to dramatically enhance their golf greens, while significantly reducing the ball marks that litter the greens, Bulle Rock has exclusively switched to the GreenFix Ball Mark Elimination System. In 2007, and beyond, all golfers that play at Bulle Rock will now be provided -- free of charge -- a GreenFix Wizard on the 1st tee, and the Bulle Rock starter will mandate that this patented tool be used exclusively to fix ball marks throughout a round.

The GreenFix tool is a simple, yet effective product that has been developed to dramatically improve golf greens by providing players and maintenance crews with the correct tool to properly repair ball marks. Equipped with the patented GreenFix Wizard, a “depth limiting” short-tonged ball mark repair tool, golfers use a simple “push” technique to repair ball marks quickly and properly. The patented design of the tool prevents the tongs from damaging the roots.

“We have been testing the GreenFix Ball Mark Elimination System for some time, and the ball marks on our greens have dramatically improved, thus the decision to ban traditional ball mark repair tools was simple,” said Rick Rounsaville, Director of Golf, Bulle Rock. “GreenFix is a proven solution to the ball mark epidemic, which, as we all know, is one of the most common issues and complaints from golfers nationwide.”

In addition to Bulle Rock, more than 100 prominent golf courses across the nation are now utilizing the GreenFix Ball Mark Elimination System, including Medinah Country Club (site of the 2006 PGA Championship), Southern Hills Country Club (site of the 2007 PGA Championship), Greensboro Country Club, Quintero Golf & Country Club, and more.

According to a recent GCSAA survey, ball marks are the most common complaint at golf clubs nationwide, and extensive research has proven that while most golfers take the time to fix ball marks, they use a traditional ball mark repair tool and unintentionally do it wrong. In fact, by using a traditional tool and fixing a mark, golfers are actually lifting the grass and killing the roots under the mark, resulting in dead grass and brown spots, which dramatically impacts a smooth putting surface for golfers.

“This is an enormous victory for GreenFix, as we continue our battle to save golf greens,” said Bill Ward, Partner, GreenFix Golf, Inc. “As Bulle Rock is one of the most prominent public courses in the nation, and the host site for a Major Professional Championship, their ban of traditional ball mark repair tools in favor of the GreenFix Wizard is a tremendous testament to our product.”

With the patented GreenFix Wizard, a golfer simply holds the tool at a 45 degree angle and “pushes” around the outside edges of the crater from the North, South, East, and West. Next, the golfer taps down the mark firmly with a putter head, and the ball mark is repaired properly, and in seconds. Based on the patented design of the GreenFix Wizard, the prongs are too short for players to jab, lift, and twist, preventing golfers from damaging the root system on the ever so fragile greens. The “push” technique ultimately protects the roots, and expedites the healing process of the mark.

For more information on GreenFix Golf, and the GreenFix Ball Mark Elimination System, please visit or call 866-443-4222.