Golf News for Monday, April 18, 2016 | Charity

Golf for Cause exceeds $2 million mark in raising funds for charities

Golf for Cause®, a Phoenix-based company that uses golf as a strategic business tool, and whose mission is to Turn Golf Into Gold®, is pleased to announce that it has exceeded the $2 million mark in raising funds for worthy charitable causes. Under the leadership of Debbie Waitkus, CEO of Golf for Cause, this innovative company has collaborated with corporations and not-for-profit organizations in successfully developing and executing plans that boost charitable giving and outreach.

Through Golf for Cause's consultation and business speaker services, Waitkus helps companies develop success strategies for their management teams as well as for the charitable organizations they support.

"We are all about helping empower others through golf," said Golf for Cause Founder Debbie Waitkus, "by developing programs that encourage others to use golf as a strategy to achieve their objectives personally and professionally. Whether it's developing and managing a charitable golf tournament or delivering a speech for business professionals we are fully on board to help meet and exceed corporate goals."

Waitkus, whose professional background includes tenure as president of a successful mortgage banking firm, is also the author of GET YOUR GOLF ON!—Your Guide to Getting in the Game and a contributing author to the EWGA Foundation's book: TEEING UP FOR SUCCESS.

She is a sought-after keynote speaker weaving golf stories into topics spanning from business and personal development to player development. A seasoned presenter, Waitkus has the ability to share information in an upbeat way that resonates well with her audience. "Debbie is an exceptional speaker. Her storytelling, energy and engagement of the audience are excellent," said Brian Wood with Waste Management. "I love how she relates real life experiences and uses tactical methods," said Kristine Kassel, owner of Benefits by Design. "She was awesome! Have her again!"

With Golf for Cause passing the $2 million mark of funds contributed to many meaningful causes, the company has recently expanded its headquarters, with new offices located at 1050 N. 52nd Street, Phoenix, AZ. 85008. To learn more about Golf for Cause and its array of corporate services, please visit:

Golf for Cause® is an innovative consultancy, fully committed to helping others Turn Golf into Gold® with a goal to provide services that encourage golf to be used as a strategic tool in business development.

To learn more visit: To schedule a Golf for Cause event (i.e. inspirational keynote speaker, clinic, and/or a Get Your Golf On! book signing) call 602. 840. 0607.