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Chris Baldwin: Annika Sorenstam is no Tiger Woods

Trying to equate Annika Sorenstam being out for at least a month with a back injury to the prospect of Tiger Woods going out with an injury on the PGA Tour is like comparing a computer glitch at the local 7-11's cash register to a complete system-wide failure at IBM.

Annika Sorenstam is a Hall of Fame golfer. She's even become more interesting now that she's talking about course design. But she's no Tiger.

And in terms of impact on their respective tours, it's not close.

The PGA Tour is completely dependent on its transcendent star. The LPGA Tour is not going to suffer (at least any more than it usually suffers in TV ratings or attendance) with Annika down. No matter what some of its own members think.

"'Obviously it's not good for anybody if Annika is not playing," longtime LPGA player Laura Davies told the Associated Press. "It's the same as if Tiger [Woods] had a month-long injury and a bad back."

No, it's not. Not even close. Davies and others in the old guard may not realize it but Sorenstam hasn't been the No. 1 draw in women's golf for several years now. The LPGA's youth brigade - some who have done a lot (Paula Creamer and Morgan Pressel) already, and some who done nothing (see Wie, Michelle) - are this tour's drawing cards.

Truth is Wie's mysterious "wrist injury" is more damaging to the LPGA Tour than Sorenstam's balky back. Women's golf isn't as much a legit sport as a sideshow these days.

There's nothing Tiger to this tale. Sorry Annika.

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