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Las Vegas' Paiute Golf Resort welcomes Dave Pelz Short Game Clinic and the Lynn Blake Golf Academy

LAS VEGAS -- The Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort (The Paiute) has announced that two nationally recognized golf clinics will conduct their teaching sessions at the resort this April and May. From April 24-28, 2007, short game and putting experts from the Dave Pelz Scoring Game School, founder and designer of the scientific approach to golf, The Scoring Game®, will offer a series of six-hour sessions, one per day, dedicated to improving chipping, putting, sand and wedge play. From May 4-6, 2007, The Lynn Blake Golf Academy will offer a comprehensive three-day training regimen in the principles and procedures of Homer Kelley's landmark text, The Golfing Machine®.

LPGA Touring Pro, Kim Hall, states “The Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort is the place to go if you want to improve your game. I feel privileged to practice at a place with three Pete Dye golf courses and two practice areas, all of which are always in great shape! There are many golf options in Vegas, but I choose to practice at Paiute because the staff is dedicated to bettering your performance and ensuring you enjoy your golfing experience. They really treat me like family. I am extremely proud to represent the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort on the LPGA Tour."

For the Pelz Clinic, the six-hour instruction will be composed of two three-hour sessions, one dedicated to wedge play and the other dedicated to putting. Credited for his one-on-one coaching of two-time Masters Champion Phil Mickelson, Pelz said “how you play inside of 100 yards is the prime determinant of how you score. About 80 percent of the shots golfers lose to par occur in that distance range. My putting and wedge clinics are designed, and constantly refined through research, to improve a golfer’s execution of these shots and build on your improvement with proper practice.” According to him, 60 to 65 percent of the total numbers of shots played per round are distance wedges, pitching, chipping, sand play, and putting.

For the Lynn Blake Golf Academy, the three-day intensive instruction will begin with understanding the three Core Concepts from The Golfing Machine® and will proceed to build a student’s stroke in three stages: basic motion, acquired motion and total motion. In addition to full stroke training, students will learn short game basics and specialty shots designed to enhance scoring ability and will receive a personalized video analysis on CD that will highlight those areas that need work. Finally, each student will be given an individualized program for continuous progress towards a better golf game.

Head Golf Pro at The Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort, Greg Wickensimer, notes “golf is a game of inches and every tournament won by the best in the world is due to putting, pitching and chipping. He emphasizes that “because of the new technology in today’s market, everyone wants to hit the long ball and no one thinks about their short game. With the right training, making those important and anxious putts inside three feet is an easy way to improve your scores substantially. These clinics will teach you to pitch, chip and putt your game to a lower handicap.”

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