Golf News for Thursday, March 22, 2007 | Products

GolfFins Pro swing speed golf instruction trainer now online

The GolfFins Pro is a portable ‘fan’ training device that attaches to a driver. It has been marketed primarily through pro shops during the past 2 years, but the company is now switching gears and creating a significantly focused Internet business.

Inventor Flip Phillips feels that “now is the time”. “We knew we had something big when we entered our first golf show in the Greater Rochester Area and sold out our entire inventory the first day”. He went on to say that they hardly had time talk to the customers at the booth due to the number of people wanting to purchase the unit.

“This is by far the best way to teach the feel of the release. And that is usually one of the hardest concepts to describe in my lessons. I love it," said John Bowen, Boulder, CO.

The GolfFins Pro is based on the principle of ‘wind resistance’ training. More sports programs are now focusing on developing strength through the resistance of ‘sport specific’ muscle groups and not trying to condition all muscles at all times. The theory is that by strengthening muscles that do not benefit a natural golf swing, it can actually be counter productive.

Phillips says that because the GolfFins Pro is portable and can easily fit in a golf bag, it’s ideally suited for the first tee warm up. “Swing the Pro 5-6 times before your first drive and you’ll be amazed at how light the driver will feel and how fast it moves through the release point”, he said. Most teaching pros agree that club head speed is a major contributor to long ball hitting.

You can purchase the GolfFins Pro at: The site is full of information and videos on the benefits of the Pro and how best to use the product.

The company is offering a 10% discount for readers. Use coupon code: aac10 at checkout.