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Loudmouth Golf announces new designs for autumn 2014 collection

LONDON -- Loudmouth Golf, the leader in bold and bright golf and lifestyle apparel, is excited to announce the first three designs in its highly anticipated autumn 2014 collection.

These new patterns are available only through Loudmouth's Made-To-Order online shop.

"Checkmate" - It's an alternative to ultra bright and vivid colours. Don't be fooled with its earthy-tones; done the right way, these can be just as eye catching as some of our wildest prints. Perfect for the urban golfer.

"Daktari" - For Loudmouth fans planning on taking a safari on the Serengeti plains in a jeep; you'll blend in with the zebras perfectly in these black and white beauties.

"Love Lamp" - Real men wear pink. Just ask Steven Tyler. Warning: If you stare at these pants long enough, the blobs may start moving.

"The first three designs in the collection are brand new (i.e. these geometric shapes have never been used)," says Loudmouth founder and designer, Woody! "I expect these three patterns to be popular and I look forward to new colourways in the future."

"More and more Loudmouth customers are choosing our Made-To-Order purchases for a perfectly tailored fit," says Tracy Sanderson, European general manager. "Checkmate, Daktari and Love Lamp really whet the appetite for the rest of autumn range which contains some of our most eye-catching designs to date."

Loudmouth's Pre-Autumn 2014 collection will be available for both men and women through Loudmouth's Made-to-Order (MTO) online shop.

Loudmouth's MTO online shop lets customers customise the waist size and length of their garment to provide the ultimate fit. Loudmouth pants, shorts, skorts, knickerbockers and mini-shorts are all made in 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

For more information on the collection visit

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Founded in 2000, Loudmouth Golf is recognised as the leading brand in outrageous and fun apparel for men and women. The line features bright colours in striking patterns in pants, shorts, shirts, skorts, jackets, belts, snow pants and more, all designed by the founder, Woody. Loudmouth provides personal customer service and quality products that people love to wear. Loudmouth Golf is worn by many athletes including two-time major winning golfer, John Daly and other PGA and LPGA professionals; the USA men's beach volleyball Gold Medal winning team; and the Norwegian men's curling Silver Medal winning team. You can also find Loudmouth suits on the red carpets of Hollywood. Loudmouth Golf products are sold worldwide at many shops and also available online at Be sure to follow Loudmouth's conversations at and

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