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Golfing Magazine recognizes f2 irons with Players' Choice award

LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- f2 Golf, the manufacturer of the popular f2 Series Wedges featuring Face Forward Technology, announced that in recent "Hands-On" player testing, administered nationally by Golfing Magazine, their new f2 Plus Series Irons were awarded a "Players' Choice" Award for receiving the Highest Reader's Rating in the "Consistency" Category.

In this program, iron sets were submitted by manufacturers and tested by amateur golfers all over the country under the supervision of a PGA Professional. The testing was administered to golfers of varied skill levels in order to give a better representation of how all golfers…not just the pros, hit these clubs. Each iron set was ranked in several categories: Appearance, Forgiveness, Feel, Consistency, Distance, and Value and then given an Overall Performance Rating based on these cumulative scores.

The f2 Plus Series Irons, which feature a revolutionary dog leg hosel that automatically places your hands in a correct face forward position, ranked #1 in Consistency against 15 other iron sets that were tested including: the Taylor Made R7 Irons, Nike's CCi Irons, Mizuno's MX-25 Irons, and Callaway's X-20 Irons, just to mention a few.

In addition to winning the Players' Choice Award for "Consistency", with an 8.3 Readers Rating, the f2 Plus Series Irons finished with extremely high ratings in every category and received an Overall Performance Rating of 8.0.

The overwhelming positive response by golfers to the original f2 Series Wedge prompted f2 Golf to introduce this same Face Forward Technology in a full set of irons. The technology behind this new set of irons is unlike anything else on the market. This new iron design will truly revolutionize the play of golfers at all skill levels.

NEW F2 Plus Series Irons with Patent Pending Technology
• New "Dog Leg Hosel" moves the center of gravity towards the center of the club face producing a larger sweet spot and optimum trajectory
• Custom Notched Cavity Back Design to optimize feel off the club face and promote heel and toe weighting
• A 3-Part Graduated Weighting System which consists of a graduating sole from 4 thru PW, and a graduated flange on the back of the cavity that helps control the CG on the club face, along with a slightly graduated swing weight
• The balance of our Graduated Weighting System along with our f2 Golf Custom Shafts will not only have you hitting more consistent shots, it will help you manage your off center hits as well.
• Graduated Offset from negative offset to a positive offset as you go from PW to 4 Iron
• "Dog Leg Hosel" is designed to "trap" the ball on the club face and produce more on line shots
• 25% more club face over traditional irons - On conventional irons the hosel goes to the heel and leading club face edge which reduces your hitting area by 25%. If you hit anything towards the heel or just an inch off of center you're doomed with a conventional iron... Golf is game of inches and f2 golf will reduce your mis-hits and save you strokes...
• Increased distance -- Our face forward technology is about "energy transfer" the "dog leg hosel" promotes energy transfer from behind the club face. Our hosel position is from upper ¾ of the club face and balanced with our weighting system we have discovered most golfers have increased their distance by 5-12 yards...
• The "Dog Leg Hosel" and Face Forward position make these irons SHANKLESS!

The iron set is available in 4-PW with proprietary graphite shafts, regular or stiff flex for only $599.00 and includes f2 Golf's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't think the f2 irons are the best irons you've ever hit from the rough, the fairway or any lie, you can send them back for a full product refund, no questions asked. And just like the wedges, the f2 irons are completely shank-proof!

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