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Stroke Rank effective form guide for golf's Major Championships

Stroke Rank is becoming an increasingly effective form guide for golf's Major Championships after it successfully ranked three of the top five in the recent Open Championship at Royal Liverpool.

The online form guide has been developed by German online marketing specialist and scratch golfer, Falk von Wildenradt, and was launched to the golf community last month.

The system uses an algorithm which awards points to players in every tournament played each week on the professional Tours based on their score in relation to par and the average score of the field and then weighted by their finishing position in each tournament.

Ahead of the Open, a special form guide was compiled which weighted the actual form score for the championship by 70% and players' past performances in the Open by 50%.The result was that Stroke Rank successfully ranked Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott and Sergio Garcia in the top five.

"We are delighted with the way Stroke Rank is developing," said von Wildenradt. "While it is impossible to give exact predictions about where players will finish in any given tournament, we firmly believe that Stroke Rank can give a very good guide to a player's form and a good indication of where they are likely to finish in a Major Championship.

"Stroke Rank successfully predicted five of the top ten at the Masters and now three of the top five in the Open. We will continue to work on developing the system and we believe it will become an increasingly useful tool for golf fans and particularly those who enjoy betting on golf."

Stroke Rank is designed to give an up to date guide to a player's form. The system has been monitoring player's performances since 2011 and builds an average of a player's score for all rounds, their last 32 rounds, last 16 rounds and last eight rounds.

Stroke Rank follows players on the PGA Tour, the European Tour, the LPGA Tour, the Tour and the Champions Tour. It produces special form guides for the Masters, the US Open, the Open Championship, the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup.

As well as tracking the performance of individual players over recent rounds, Stroke Rank monitors their form against their overall performance level since 2011 to assess whether they are playing better or worse than what is effectively their personal average.

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For the 2014 Open Championship Stroke Rank ranked three players in the top five:
Sergio Garcia (Stroke Rank 2nd) - result: tied 2nd
Adam Scott (Stroke Rank 3rd) - result: tied 5th
Rory McIlroy (Stroke Rank 4th) - result: 1st

For the 2014 Masters Stroke Rank ranked five players in the top ten:
Bubba Watson (Stroke Rank: 2nd) - result: 1st
Matt Kuchar (Stroke Rank: 5th) - result: 5th
Bernhard Langer (Stroke Rank: 7th) - result: 8th
Rory McIlroy (Stroke Rank: 1st) - result: 8th
Jimmy Walker (Stroke Rank: 10th) - result: 8th

Stroke Rank
Stroke Rank uses a complex Stroke Rank algorithm to look at the completed round scores of golfers on the world's leading Tours and assess their relative performance. It analyses player performance both in recent rounds and across all their completed rounds since 2011.

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