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Tony Rosa authors golf-inspired novel, "The President's Caddy"

SEBRING, Fla. -- Within a week of his sixteenth birthday, author Tony Rosa had the privilege to serve as caddy for President Gerald Ford at the Music City Pro-Celebrity Golf Tournament in Nashville. Rosa was neither a standout junior golfer nor a noteworthy apprentice in a caddy pipeline. Instead, he had the good fortune of having an uncle that was a success on the professional golf tour. It was this experience, and several like it, that inspired his latest golf novel, THE PRESIDENT'S CADDY (Jackpot Press, $11.95 (Trade Paperback) $4.95 (Kindle e-book), ISBN 978-0-9828225-0-0, 136 Pages).

"Sam Parma, an observant, self-conscious teenager, learns about life, love, human nature and himself as he caddies for an ex-president at a local golf tournament," writes Kirkus Reviews in which THE PRESIDENT'S CADDY made their recommendation list. "This thoroughly enjoyable, deceptively simple story, ostensibly penned by Sam with the help of his language arts teacher, opens with him awaiting a ride home from the aforementioned match, mooning over what he calls "The Big Goof.""

Sam finds the simple rules of being a caddy not so simple. He's not just learning about how to be a good caddy; he's also discovering things about himself. He wants to do an extraordinary job, but the terrain proves troublesome and the "Big Goof" almost sinks him. Sam is ready to give up thoughts of ever being a caddy when something simple gives him a needed boost.

"Just like Sam, I was no more deserving of the caddying job for the President than if my name was drawn out of a hat," says Rosa. "And because of that, Sam hits some rough spots along the way. I want young readers to realize that everybody gets knocked down along the way and it's important to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep going. You never know what rewards await around the corner."

"Throughout, Sam entertainingly daydreams, establishing details about his relationships with his family and the world at large," writes Kirkus Reviews. "As the story unfolds in flashback, Rosa deftly builds suspense over what the mistake might have been, while also building a relatable character through solid storytelling. An elegant tale, perfect for golfers and nongolfers alike."

THE PRESIDENT'S CADDY is distributed through Ingram Book Group and Follett School Solutions and available for retail at and most online bookstores.

Monica Strasavich, Publisher