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China's Mission Hills Golf Club celebrates 8th Annual Miura Cup

DONGGUAN, China -- For 124 enthusiastic golfers, the mission at Mission Hills Golf Club on May 2 was clear: have fun, and celebrate Miura.

The Leadbetter Course at this famed 12-course resort was the site of the 8th Annual Miura Cup, a unique event presented by Golf Partners, Miura's long-time distributor in Hong Kong. Miura players old and new, plus many Miura staffers, come from all over Asia and the west to play in the tournament.
Katsuhiro Miura

"We always love to come to the Miura Cup," said Adam Barr, president of Miura Golf Inc., who is based in the eastern United States. "It's great to see the commitment of Golf Partners to sharing the Miura message with the ever-increasing golf population of Asia. We're also glad the Miura family can attend - this year, Mr. Miura himself and his son Yoshitaka-san."

The event serves not only as an appreciation for existing Miura golfers, but as an invitation to potential players as well. About two-thirds of the guests already play Miura equipment, and the remainder have expressed an interest, says K.K. Lee, president of Golf Partners and Miura's chief promoter in Hong Kong and south China.

"In our mind, Miura is No.1 equipment club head in the world," Lee said. "Therefore, every time we arrange the Miura Cup, it must be at the professional level. After seeing what we can do, the participants often say they would like to come to our shop and learn more about the Miura club head and Miura philosophy. And then our Chinese dealers can be more confident of success in selling Miura clubs in the challenging China market."

"Everyone had a great time," Barr said. "I would expect to see more events on this model elsewhere in the world as Miura expands its influence."

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