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Starting New at Golf celebrates seventh annual National Golf Day

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. -- SNAG (Starting New at Golf) has been doing its part to help grow the game of golf in the U.S. and globally for some 13 years. SNAG has had a tremendous impact in bringing golf to indoor and outdoor school programs, introducing the sport to the U.S. Parks and Recreation system and incorporating the innovative first touch player developmental format at hundreds of camps.

SNAG celebrates the seventh annual National Golf Day on May 21st on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and is proud to highlight some achievements that are making the game fun, easy to learn and more accessible to kids from ages 5 to 12. SNAG programming provides sound fundamentals for putting, chipping, pitching and the full swing with developmentally appropriate equipment that ultimately allows the beginner to graduate into playing with traditional clubs and balls. The beauty of SNAG is that it can be played in non-traditional venues, such as on soccer fields, in a gym or on a beach, and SNAG can be played almost anywhere in the world with immediate positive results.

Terry Anton, founder and CEO of SNAG Golf, has been hailed as one of the industry leaders in growing the game of golf. "It is important for the future of the sport to capture interest in golf early so that youngsters will transition with confidence to play with actual golf equipment on a traditional golf course," said Anton. "The more fun we make golf for children, the more chance they have to play the game for a lifetime."

It is the SNAG philosophy that children should be given time to develop at their own pace and not be rushed to an on course experience where they will be met by failure. If children and adults are given time to develop properly and learn the fundamentals of the game in a non-threatening environment, they will want to enjoy the game for years to come. SNAG is the bunny slope for golf.

SNAG is being used in over 42 countries and 15,000 schools and courses worldwide. It also is the equipment used in the national school golf program headed by the World Golf Foundation's First Tee Program. A corporate partner of the LPGA Teaching & Club Professional Division and supporter of many of the PGA Sections across the country, SNAG now is focusing on the 2016 Olympic Games and actively teaching the SNAG system to more than 200 golf pros in Brazil so the youth of Brazil can learn the game.

In 2013, SNAG teamed with Hall of Fame golf legend Jack Nicklaus to launch the Jack Nicklaus Learning Leagues in order to introduce golf as a team sport to the thousands of parks and recreation facilities across the country. SNAG also is working with communities and nursing homes nationwide to establish active adult and senior golf opportunities as well as multiple programs for players with disabilities and even wounded warriors.

SNAG is far more than an equipment company. Every SNAG coaching kit comes with a complete training manual with detailed instructions and lesson plans to properly teach the basic shots of golf to insure a strong base for new learners.

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