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Eagle Golf launches new pace-of-play program at its courses

DALLAS -- Eagle Golf, a leader among course management companies in growing the game through unique approaches, has launched a pace of play program at its courses, advocating for faster play through implementation of "Ready Golf."

"The time it takes to play a round of golf has long been considered a barrier to playing the game," said Joe Munsch, CEO of Eagle Golf. "By promoting Ready Golf, we want golfers to continue to have a great time at our courses, but play at a pace that is enjoyable for everyone on the course."

Eagle Golf has adopted a set of suggested guidelines aimed at improving pace of play while not rushing golfers and keeping the game fun. Eagle Golf's Ready Golf suggestions include:

• being ready to play when it is your turn
• being ready to play when your cart arrives at the tee box
• having your club and target selected when you get to your ball
• riding to your partner's ball, then walking to yours
• taking several clubs from the cart to the ball
• lining up your putt while others are putting
• finishing short putts on the green rather than marking them
• switching cart drivers when necessary
• preventing the slowest player in the group from dictating pace of play

"Our objective with the Ready Golf initiative is to encourage fun," Munsch added. "We always have an eye towards growing the game, and suggesting a few simple adjustments will make a round of golf a more efficient and enjoyable experience for new and inexperienced golfers."

The "Better Pace. Better Game." initiative has launched at all 31 Eagle Golf courses throughout the country.

Eagle Golf has been in operation for more than 28 years. Based in Dallas, the company provides a full suite of golf course management services to 31 golf facilities across the country. More information can be found at

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