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Florida Golf Marketing Alliance completes winter tour of golf shows

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Florida Golf Marketing Alliance, the chief marketing organization for golf tourism in Florida, recently completed a successful winter tour of consumer golf shows, promoting Florida golf travel to over 340,000 golfers in the midwest and northeast.

This marked the 19th year that FLORIDA GMA, formerly known as Play FLORIDA, represented the state's top destinations, golf courses and resorts at consumer shows in key geographical regions for Florida visitors.

FLORIDA GMA exhibited in 14 golf shows covering 22 states in such cities as Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Toronto, distributing golf guides and answering questions about all aspects of golf in Florida.

"In today's high-tech world, people have more channels and more devices competing for their attention than ever before," said FLORIDA GMA president Gary Jones. "Customers are constantly surrounded by advertising whether they pay attention to it or not. But efficient marketing shouldn't be about simply interrupting people. It is about engaging them when they are actually paying attention, and delivering a compelling message that creates impact.

"This is the creative advantage offered to exhibitors at consumer golf shows. Where else can you get face to face with hundreds of thousands of avid golfers that are actually paying attention at a time you can influence their destination decisions?"

FLORIDA GMA's consistent participation in the consumer golf show circuit during the first three months of each year has made Florida's the most successful and highly recognized statewide golf marketing program in the nation.

It doesn't stop with just spreading the word about the great golf value in Florida, however. This year, FLORIDA GMA conducted a golf travel study.

"The shows provide the opportunity to meet one-on-one with avid golfers in key region," said Jones. "We find out where and when golfers are traveling, factors that are important in the planning process, size of groups and length of stays and how they go about researching information. We gathered some very interesting information, and we will be sharing that with our partners in the next few weeks."

The program's partners include Florida's major CVBs, DMOs, resorts and travel industry leaders. FLORIDA GMA has several new and exciting plans for the 2015 marketing season. To find out more, call 352.475.2200

Florida Golf Marketing Alliance is the chief marketing organization for golf tourism in Florida. Developed in 1996 as Play FLORIDA through Florida Sports, a division of Enterprise Florida, Florida Golf Marketing Alliance is the trusted source of information for avid golfers planning Florida golf-specific vacations. Partners include Florida's leading Convention & Visitor Bureaus, top Golf Resorts and courses and other golf travel industry leaders. Created and managed by Destination Media, Florida Golf Marketing Alliance is the most successful and highly recognized statewide golf marketing program in the nation. Its goal is to increase market share of golf visitors and to maintain Florida's position as the #1 Golf Vacation Destination in the World.

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