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TEF TEE earns three top-10 finishes at Insperity Invitational

More and more Champions Tour professionals are making TEF TEE high performance golf tees an essential part of their equipment, as 3 players who finished in the top 10 at the Insperity Invitational made the innovative tees with the proprietary Teflon Technology their tee of choice, as did dozens of others in the field.

"The design and material technologies of TEF TEE performance tees are proving to provide real performance advantages that result in more fairways hit and shorter approach shots," said Greg MacKeen, inventor of the innovative tees. "Every week, more tour players ask themselves why they still play a wood tee when they don't play wood drivers anymore and answer by switching to TEF TEE™."

While Tee Direct Inc., makers of the innovative tees with Teflon® Technology, acknowledges that the industry's leading equipment surveyor does not monitor the performance tee category, great care is taken in validating pro use by reporting only players who meet the following criteria:

A. the player and/or caddy has verified the tees were used in play
B. the player has been seen on television or in-person using the tee
C. the player has been known to repeatedly use the tees in play
D. the player has been reported as taking tees a minimum of three times in the past six weeks

By virtually eliminating all frictional forces between the tee and the ball, TEF TEE™ high performance golf tees allow the club to transfer energy more efficiently to the ball. This purer release reduces backspin and sidespin, resulting in longer, straighter drives.

When it comes to reducing friction and increasing driving accuracy and distance, TEF TEE™ is surpassed by no one and recognized as the world leader in tee technology. Only TEF TEE™ delivers Greater Performance three ways:

1. Greater Distance & Accuracy thanks to our patent pending Teflon® technology which results in the lowest friction between the tee and the ball, allowing more efficient transfer of energy from the club to the ball, as the ball releases from the tee surface with less backspin.
2. Greater Playability because the 6 prongs make it easier to balance the ball and the rigid shank inserts easily into even the hardest ground.
3. Greater Value because a single tee often last 5-6 rounds, or 15-20 times as long as wood tees, which also helps keep the courses litter free.

No wonder TEF TEE™ is the Fastest Growing Tee on Tour.

Tee Direct Inc. is America's second largest importer of golf tees, servicing the retail, golf shop and printing segments of the market thru regional golf accessory distributors by providing the most innovative tees at the best prices.

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