Golf News for Thursday, May 1, 2014 | Equipment

Quantum Golf Putter eliminates putter head twist for more accuracy

PHOENIX -- Scientific evidence once again backs theory, and serious golfers will want to know more about this. Quantum Golf Putter designer/physicist, Duane Engdahl, postulated that putter head twist is the cause of the ball veering off intended line, and thus is the major cause missed putts. Independent scientist and ultra-slow motion golf performance videographer Rick Malm verifies the truth of Engdahl's assertion.

But it is even worse than one would think. Ball veer is greater when the putt is longer and it is less when the putt is shorter, so the golfer suffers the challenge of determining not only touch and line, but also adjusting for the variable of impact veer on every putt.

Most golfers have enough to challenge them, and adjusting for variable veer is often what puts them over the cliff when it comes to precision putting. But, if the veer variable was no longer a factor in putting, then every golfer from top tour pro to occasional duffer will have a much easier time of it on the golf green.

Engdahl says, "The new Quantum Roller eliminates head twist on every putt, and the independent golf scientist Rick Malm can prove it."

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