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Mental Edge Golf mental training program with successful results

LAS VEGAS -- We've all been there. You step up for that drive and you want to pound it to the green, but your nerves are rattled, your confidence is shot, and it gets the best of you. Or that putt, only feet from the hole, a simple tap but your focus is elsewhere and it whizzes past. Get control of your mental game.

Mental Edge Golf has created a new and unique Mental Training Program to help players of all stages and ages improve their overall performance by focusing on the mental aspect of the game.

Developed by renowned peak performance coach Thom Katz, Mental Edge Golf's training program is the result of intensive years of study with players and professionals to understand mental barriers to success on the course (and in life!), and how to overcome them. The system is based on a real world approach to both understanding the "Mental Game" and then actually giving you the tools, techniques and training support you need to literally "train your brain". And, it's backed by science. (Read the scientific report here:

How it Works
Through a series of exclusive Mental Edge Golf audio training tracks and training tools, golfers develop the mental skills and belief systems to actualize their full potential.

"We are confident that if a user select a track that resonates or fits a specific need in their game, that if they follow our process, listen daily for 21 days, they should see definite improvement in their mental approach, attitude, confidence levels and your score.

"You can learn to harness its power to get what you want. In fact, that's what the best golfers and athletes in the world do...because they have someone teaching them how to do it, and now everyone can," says Katz.

Mental Edge Golf offers three packages:
The Eagle: Perfect for the beginner or slightly advanced player to learn the mental principles and mindset necessary to accelerate their learning curve and reduce frustration while developing their swing and mechanics.

The Ace: Designed for the more serious golfer who is seeking an optimum mental training package to lower their scores and maximize their performance.

Custom Assessment: Designed by world renowned Golf Coach and Peak Performance Specialist Bobby Foster, this assessment is based on the DISC Profile System and has been used by players at all levels.

Results Driven
Thousands of golfers are seeing the results, including lower scores, better concentration, increased confidence, greater consistency, and more control.

Golfers are constantly investing money and time into physical training, better clubs, or the latest and greatest to help improve their game. When you consider that 90 percent of your golf game is mental, isn't it time for golfers to invest themselves here?

Try it for Free
Right now, golfers can try out Mental Edge golf at no cost with two free bonus tracks: Belief Systems and Expecting to Win, and Conquering Self Sabotage, as well as a free Personal Success Plan document to help develop a game plan that's unique to an individual's unique needs. Simply go to: to unlock the free audio tracks.

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