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Miura now offers possibilty to register clubs on Miura website

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada -- For the first time in the company's history, owners of Miura golf clubs can register their clubs on the Miura website. The goal is for Miura owners and collectors to have a closer relationship with the company that made their clubs, and to enable even better service after the sale.

Any buyer of Miura clubs will receive from his or her authorized Miura dealer/fitter a special card with easy instructions for registering the clubs.

"We're not going as far as serial numbers, because that would change the appearance of our clubs and add a big expense that we don't want to pass on to consumers," said Adam Barr, president of Miura. "However, we do want to keep track of the growing family of Miura golfers and collectors through this service. Frankly, they deserve the attention. Anyone who takes the time and effort to reach higher for Miura quality is entitled to a relationship with us. By registering, they inform us exactly what Miura equipment they own and how they like to use them. In the matter of lost club replacement alone, this will be a big help. Also, as players progress in their games, knowledge of where they have been with Miura will help us advise them on the next step in their golf."

"We don't just sell premium forged golf clubs," Barr said. "We have a golf family around the world. Online registration is one more way for us to stay close to that family."

Click here to Register: or

Miura owners who choose the quick online registration process will also be signed up to get occasional emails with information from Miura, which they can opt out of and back into whenever they see fit.

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Miura's broad forged iron line has choices for all players, including the Tournament Blade and Small Blades (muscleback models), MB001 Blade and the Passing Point 9003, CB-501, and CB-301 (cavity backs). Forged wedges include the Wedge Series (in silver nickel chrome and black) and the Series 1957 By Miura Custom Grind Wedges. There are also three models of putters, and the SIT-460 driver and fairway woods, plus Miura MG Hybrids.

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