Golf News for Tuesday, April 22, 2014 | Instruction

Freedom Golf Association trains 14 new Adaptive Golf Coaches

CHICAGO -- Freedom Golf Association (FGA), an organization founded in 2012 with a primary goal of advancing the delivery of grass roots golf instruction to those with special needs, announces fourteen (14) new Adaptive Golf Coaches trained during its recent workshop.

The new coaches are Michael Wenzel, Ken Fron, Peter Donahue, Bruce Miller, Phil Bell, Cal Tyson, Dave Wisniewski, Victoria Well, Jerry Polanowski, Pat Noto, Bill Gilegoroff, Lee Miller, Len Sutter and Ben Mutz. The training is part of FGA's Certified Professional Process that develops Certified Adaptive Golf Coaches for special need golfers. A total of twenty-six adaptive golf coaches have been trained since 2013. The goal of instruction is to take the special needs golfer from the practice range and onto the golf course as part of their rehabilitation, social and recreational progress.

According to the PGA of America, there are 18 million disabled individuals who would like to play golf, but for various reasons either have quit trying or don't know where to get started. "By developing a well-trained group of adaptive golf coaches, special needs golfers will have instruction tailored to their needs" Says Andy Mears, Director of FGA Golf Operations and a PGA member. "By providing access to quality instruction and access to golf courses for the special needs community, FGA is helping to grow the game of golf."

David Windsor, PGA Professional and Director of the Adaptive Golf Academy in Sarasota, Florida lead the two-day workshop. David has been instrumental in the PGA's effort with adaptive and accessible golf. "I'm excited about the momentum and what the future will bring for more adaptive Golfers," commented Windsor.

Freedom Golf Association plans to accomplish its roll of opening the doors of golf to the special needs community by collaborating and coordinating qualified golf professionals, skilled amateurs, health care professionals and local organizations. Together, the concept is to provide resources to increase the opportunity to bring golf into the lives of the special needs community.

Freedom Golf Association was founded in July 2012 by Edmund Q. Sylvester. He is a Director of the Western Golf Association and a golf enthusiast. Sylvester became a triple amputee in 2011. Soon after leaving the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, he attempted to hit golf balls at a local range. Without assistance, his attempt was not successful and it became the first step towards forming FGA.

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