Golf News for Monday, April 21, 2014 | Products

Tee Direct Inc. announces new total redesign of brand's website

Tee Direct Inc., makers of the highly distinctive TEF TEE performance golf tees, has totally redesigned the brand's website, , improving online purchasing capabilities and simplifying brand messaging, accentuating the real technological advances made by the innovative product.

"You don't play a wood driver anymore, so why are you playing a wood tee?"

By making the brand's mantra question more prominent on the site, TEF TEE™ challenges golfers of all skill levels to consider the latest technological advances in golf tees under the same perspective as they do for their other golf equipment.

"Technological advancements have been the catalyst to dramatic growth in several golf segments, and our patent pending Teflon® Technology has significantly raised the standard for tee design and engineering," said Greg MacKeen, inventor of the innovative tees. "And like many of the scientific advancements made to balls and clubs, our unique high tech tees have proven to help golfers hit longer and straighter drives."

The success of TEF TEE™ on the professional tours is generating renewed interest and credibility in the performance tee category. The new website includes upgraded e-commerce capabilities to help consumers more easily satisfy their growing demand for the product.

By virtually eliminating all frictional forces between the tee and the ball, TEF TEE™ golf tees allow the club to transfer energy more efficiently to the ball. This purer release reduces backspin and sidespin, resulting in longer, straighter drives.

When it comes to reducing friction and increasing driving accuracy and distance, TEF TEE™ is surpassed by no one and recognized as the world leader in tee technology. Only TEF TEE™ delivers Greater Performance three ways:
1. Greater Distance & Accuracy thanks to our patent pending Teflon® technology which results in the lowest friction between the tee and the ball, allowing more efficient transfer of energy from the club to the ball, as the ball releases from the tee surface with less backspin.
2. Greater Playability because the 6 prongs make it easier to balance the ball and the rigid shank inserts easily into even the hardest ground.
3. Greater Value because a single tee often last 5-6 rounds, or 15-20 times as long as wood tees, which also helps keep the courses litter free.

No wonder TEF TEE™ is the Fastest Growing Tee on Tour.

Tee Direct Inc. is America's second largest importer of golf tees, servicing the retail, golf shop and printing segments of the market thru regional golf accessory distributors by providing the most innovative tees at the best prices.

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