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Golflexx Stretching Aid helps to increase overall flexibility

Golflexx Stretching Aid It is a proven fact that proper stretching is the single most important factor in avoiding physical injury during sport activities. It is also one of the most important training regimens for excelling in any given sport, especially golf.

The range of motion necessary in golf requires essential stretching routines, and the revolutionary patented design of the Golflexx Stretching Aid helps you pre-load your muscle groups to attain a smoother, more fluid swing by increasing your overall flexibility. You will find yourself driving the ball further, more accurately, and with less effort. By using the Golflexx Stretching Aid, your body will perform better naturally, allowing you to enjoy the game.

Additional features:
Use before, during, and after your game of golf Fits conveniently in your bag The Golflexx Light has a flex resistance of approximately 20 lbs. and is a great tool for super seniors and petite women The Golflexx Medium has a flex resistance of approximately 35 lbs. and is our most popular choice for both men and women The Golflexx Stiff has a flex resistance of approximately 60 lbs. Reduce the chance of injury by pre-loading your muscles Increase flexibility, driving distance, and performance Improve consistency and tempo Help stabilize overall proper body mechanics during the golf swing.

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