Golf News for Tuesday, April 1, 2014 | Equipment

Quantum Golf offers free putters to PGA Teaching Professionals

PHOENIX -- "We at Quantum want every PGA Professional who teaches golf putting to be very good at what they do. Not only do teachers have a responsibility to teach good technique, they also need to be using the best in golf putter technology - they need to be using a Quantum Golf Putter. Accordingly for the good of the game, we at Quantum want to provide every PGA Teaching Professional worldwide, with a new technology Quantum Golf Putter, FREE of merchandise charge." says Quantum CEO, Duane Engdahl.

Here is how the offer works: The retail price of a new technology Quantum Roller is US$247 plus shipping and applicable tax. Of this amount $147 is the custom fitting and assembly service charge, and remaining $100 is the merchandise charge. If you are a PGA Teaching Pro, Quantum will waive the entire merchandise charge, so you get your Quantum Golf Putter merchandise free, and pay only the custom fitting and assembly service charge.

PGA Professionals should visit the Quantum Website to learn why the Quantum Golf Putter is considered the best golf putter technology currently available; then they should contact the CEO of Quantum Golf Putters to arrange for delivery.

Quantum Golf Putter Company is an Arizona Company which makes and markets Quantum Golf Putters. The CEO is Duane Engdahl (aka PutterGeek).

Contact information can be found at the Quantum Website,