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NUNCHUK Precision Shaft scores win at Arnold Palmer Invitational

DALLAS -- The NUNCHUK Precision Shaft posted yet another win on the PGA Tour with an exciting come-from-behind victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. With 21 birdies over the course of the event, the winner outperformed a field of some of the PGA Tour's most accomplished golfers to win his first PGA Tour Victory. The 2014 golf season has been very successful for the winner as he has had four top-10 finishes in addition to the win today at the prestigious tournament hosted by "The King," Arnold Palmer - all with a NUNCHUK in his bag. He also qualified for an invitation to The Masters for the first time.

"PGA Tour players demand equipment that will help them perform at the highest levels, when the pressure is at its highest," said Arnie Cunningham, NUNCHUK PGA Tour representative. "When you're competing against the best players in the world, accuracy is critical. Every week, PGA Tour players tell me that the accuracy and consistency of NUNCHUK Shafts give them the confidence to just aim and swing - no matter how narrow the fairway or how small the green."

"It's great to see NUNCHUK score another win on the PGA Tour," said Mike McCall, nVentix Golf CEO. "Since its introduction, we have seen the NUNCHUK shaft winning at all levels - from the PGA Tour and Champions Tour to junior golf tournaments and local golf courses around the globe. Golfers around the world are seeing how the stability and consistency of the NUNCHUK line of shafts can help bring the fun back to their golf game."

The revolutionary technology in the NUNCHUK's groundbreaking design allows the exact same shaft to be used by professionals and amateurs, men and women, juniors and seniors - the original NUNCHUK in their drivers and fairway woods, the NUNCHUK 370 in their hybrids and NUNCHUK xi in their irons and wedges. "When you've got a NUNCHUK in your bag, you're playing EXACTLY what the pros play," McCall added.

The unique Tri-Zonal StabilityTM technology in the NUNCHUK Precision Shaft, the NUNCHUK 370 Precision Hybrid Shaft and the NUNCHUK xi Precision Iron Shaft enables golfers of all abilities to more consistently deliver LONG & ACCURATE driver, fairway wood and hybrid shots, along with PINPOINT ACCURATE iron and wedge shots. For golfers it simply means more fairways, more greens and lower scores.

The NUNCHUK system of precision graphite shafts is supported by a network of authorized NUNCHUK fitters and dealers located throughout the US and Canada, as well as, Australia, England, and other countries throughout the world.

For more information and a complete list of NUNCHUK dealers, visit or call 1-888-NVENTIX.

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