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THINQ Sports forms partnerships with Jeff Ritter and Golf Digest TV

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- THINQ Sports is pleased to announce its partnership with Jeff Ritter and Golf Digest TV as part of their effort to properly educate golfers on the importance of the mental game. Ritter, who currently hosts the "Make The Turn" online series, will be responsible for communicating some of the key concepts behind THINQ Sports' line of mental games aimed at improving on-course performance.

According to Tim Suzor, PGA Professional and Founder of THINQ Sports, LLC, "We are proud to partner with Jeff Ritter and Golf Digest. Mental training is invaluable for avid golfers of all abilities. We feel that educating golfers on the mental side of the game is crucial. Most of us know of its importance, but because the mental game is such an abstract concept, it is difficult to convey sometimes. Jeff Ritter communicates it best, not only to his students, but also to golfers globally on Golf Digest TV."

As their new ambassador, Ritter will be instrumental in educating golfers on their mental game by providing must-see segments on mindset. He says it best, "In order to become different from what you are, you must first have an awareness of what you are."

About THINQ Golf
THINQ Golf is an online cognitive training program developed by Golf Professionals, Sports Psychologists, and Neuroscientists with the goals of improving the mental game of golfers combined with a fun and enjoyable gaming experience. THINQ Golf offers brain exercise video games with competition, online education, and performance tools to keep your brain sharp when you need it the most. For more information and to participate in this training, please visit

About Make The Turn
Make The Turn is a high-performance coaching brand for dedicated golfers to unlock their potential, while dramatically elevating their enjoyment for the game. The attitude behind the mission is to provide the tools, inspiration and support for players to learn in an environment that embraces possibility and increases expectations, while delivering real, lasting results.

On March 18, 2014 MTT and Golf Digest launched the Make The Turn Weekly Challenge Series via and the Condé Nast Magazine Group.

To Make The Turn is to experience a moment of greatness that ignites your passion and commitment for excellence. It's when you give yourself permission to think big and act without hesitation. Accepting each challenge allows you to let go of what's comfortable and puts you in a position of growth that breaks down personal barriers and expands your potential for achievement. More information can be found at

About Golf Digest
Golf Digest is part of Condé Nast Publications and is the largest golf publication in the world. Condé Nast Publications, a unit of Advance Publications, includes twenty-eight consumer magazines and their websites, eight uniquely branded websites, the Fairchild Fashion Group, Parade, the Condé Nast Media Group, and the Shared Services Centers. Golf Digest can be found online at

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