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Golf Gapper evaluation mobile unit at The Palms Golf Club, California

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- After a successful debut at The Palms Golf Club in La Quinta, CA in January 2014, the Golf Gapper evaluation mobile unit making a second appearance from March 15-23, again at The Palms.

Developed for private golf clubs across the West Coast and Southwest, the Golf Gapper is the brainchild of Dr. Jenni Martin MS LPGA Class A T&CP professional who is also a Certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Pro. She provides golfers a detailed golf fitness, injury and swing evaluation. The mobile unit transforms the host facility's driving range into a state-of-the-art coaching and fitness center for the entire period. Using stalls at The Palm's range, Martin activates the evaluation trailer and all the bells and whistles necessary for full golfer and swing analysis.

"This is a win-win for private clubs," says Martin. "Clubs like The Palms can now offer the 'full team' approach that most high level golfers utilize for their members, saving more than $100,000 in set-up costs and space. And golfers are wowed by the information I give them, as it truly helps them become better players while minimizing future injuries."

Martin developed The Golf Gapper concept at the G2 Golf Center in Sacramento, California knowing that golfers generally don't improve as they age, and that injuries typically accompany the aging process, she began combining her expertise of bio-mechanics, injury rehab, LPGA teaching and fitness training. Using TPI fitness evaluations, 3D K-vest (Kinematic Sequencing animation), two Doppler Radar units, Swing Catalyst balance plates, high-speed video and training aids, Martin outlines a personalized plan for each golfer that encompasses golf fitness, injury prevention and rehab, exercise, and swing development.

About The Golf Gapper
Private golf facilities can bring in The Golf Gapper mobile unit without any complications or effort. The unit is fully contained with electricity and a side tent for privacy. Martin requests an announcement in the newsletter and information at the pro shop explaining the process. She books the sessions online. These three-hour evaluations are offered twice a day for the duration. Golfers tend to describe the process as "fun and game changing." Press releases and advertising directs the local area to the club. If desired, the club receives local and national press coverage, which can help with membership and reputation as a progressive and helpful facility.

About The Palms
The Palms Golf Club located in La Quinta, CA was a design collaboration by Fred Couples and golf architect Brain Curley. The par 70-design is 7,081 yards from the professional tees. The course was once a working date farm and today fairways and greens still wrap 2,000-plus date trees, creating a golf course with one of the most unique vistas in the country. Currently, it is a single membership course with 400 members who reside from across the nation. The Palms website is

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