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Yoga for Golfers Instructor Training and Certification Program

Yoga for Golfers (YFG) Founder and Nike Golf Swoosh Elite Member Katherine Roberts, will present a comprehensive certified teacher training program to interested yoga instructors, PGA and LPGA professionals, and fitness instructors, April 16-20 (Level 1) and April 21-24 (Level) 2 at The Golf Lab, Vaughn, Ontario, L4K 4V9, Canada.

Roberts will instruct participants on her specialized training program which incorporates a mind-body approach to golf fitness. She will also focus on the correlation (and benefits) of yoga as it applies specifically to golf performance. Roberts' revolutionary program will provide participants with a unique opportunity to receive personal training and instruction in the Ontario Canada Region.

"Through our highly effective Yoga For Golfers methodology, attendees will expand their knowledge in golf fitness and performance, which will also set the platform for expanded business opportunities and a new revenue stream," said Katherine Roberts, who has YFG-trained instructors in more than 27 countries worldwide. "At our teacher training sessions we also provide insight on viable marketing strategies that will help our instructors reach their target audience through the use of YFG's marketing materials and products."

Cost for Level 1 is $1250; Level 2 is also $1250. A $250 reduction is available to those participating in both sessions. In addition to the multi-day training, participants will receive a 100-page YFG Teachers Training Manual, and each certified instructor will be eligible for a listing on Roberts' Yoga for Golfers website as a certified YFG instructor.

While no prior, formal golf or yoga experience is required, program participants will spend practice time at the driving range as they stay "in-check" with the program's overview on basic golf swing mechanics. To register for the Yoga For Golfers Teacher Training Program visit: To learn more about Katherine Roberts and Yoga For Golfers fitness programs and products including DVD series, please visit:

Roberts is a 20-year veteran in fitness training and yoga studies and is a golf fitness performance coach. As president of Yoga for Golfers, she has developed a unique approach to golf conditioning, combining western biomechanical research and eastern mind-body conditioning to enhance performance. As the #1 yoga and golf fitness expert worldwide, Roberts also serves as a yoga fitness instructor for MLB teams. She is a Golf Magazine fitness panel expert and has been a sought-after presenter by the PGA of America, LPGA, EWGA, and the National Golf Course Owners Association.

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