Golf News for Wednesday, March 12, 2014 | Equipment

Quantum Golf Putter Company talks golf putter alignment aids

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- PutterGeek here to talk to you about golf putter alignment aids. I say, "Let's give credit where credit is due. The Odyssey 2-Ball putter was the pioneer in putter alignment aids. Before this revolutionary mallet style putter hit the market a little over ten years ago, the only alignment aid one could find on a putter was a little line on the top to the putter that showed where you were supposed to hit the ball.

"After the enormously popular Odyssey 2-Ball Putter, linear alignment became all the rage. Ever since, golf putter makers have fallen all over themselves designing innovative linear alignment aids in an attempt to compete with or surpass the unique Odyssey alignment embodiment.

"But ironically most golf putters including the Odyssey 2-Ball and its imitators actually have no need for a linear alignment aid to indicate the location of a sweet spot because they have no sweet spot in the first place, but that is another topic, so let's not digress.

"In addition to Linear Alignment, golfers also need to be concerned about Lateral Alignment, and Launch Alignment. Of the three alignments, Linear Alignment is actually the least of a golfer's alignment worries. Lateral Alignment affects putting precision directly, because when lateral alignment is off, the ball invariably misses the cup either to one side or the other. Launch Alignment is almost as insidious because when it is off, the ball invariably falls either short or over-runs the cup.

"One new technology golf putter has a perfected Linear Alignment Aid, a perfected Lateral Alignment Aid, and a perfected Launch Alignment Aid. In addition this new technology golf putter has a unique Auto-Alignment feature which corrects all miss-alignments in real time during the glide phase of the putting stroke. This new technology golf putter is the Quantum Golf Putter."

PutterGeek is the nickname of the physicist/designer at Quantum Golf Putter Company, maker of the Quantum Golf Putter, the new technology golf putter awarded Most Beneficial Golf Putter and Best Value Golf Putter by the golf putter evaluation authority, "All about Golf Putters/Putting".

Quantum Golf Putter Company is an Arizona Company which makes and markets Quantum Golf Putters. The CEO is Duane Engdahl (aka PutterGeek). Contact information can be found at along with further details on Quantum's unique golf putter alignment technology.