Golf News for Friday, February 21, 2014 | Products

Dorfman Pacific announces Scala Pro "Cap and Towel Combo" program

"The new Cappelli Straworld, Inc. Pack A Hat expresses in convenience so many of the things that have kept Cappelli Straworld a leader in its market since we opened for business over 70 years ago," said Bonnie Rubel , the Dorfman Pacific division's Vice President, as she introduced the Pack A Hat, which will ship for Spring/Summer 2014. "An adorable tote-style miniature wristlet bag in cheerful summery stripes contains within it a stylish and matching packable sun hat with a 4 ½ inch brim. Like every Cappelli Straworld product, it's fun, it's practical, it features superb craftsmanship and the best materials, it comes in beautiful colors, and it looks fantastic."

In fact, with an affordable retail price of $25, the Pack A Hat is just perfect for vacation and for everyday use, and it's ideally positioned to appeal both to shoppers buying for themselves and to those looking for the perfect gift, appealing to all demographics.

Pack A Hat, which joins a total Cappelli Straworld collection of almost 200 styles of resort and lifestyle bags and headwear, comes in two flavors: Bag 869, where the 9 ½" w x 7" high bag features bold horizontal stripes in 7 different colorways—black, red, toast, navy, green, lime, and turquoise; and Bag 870 with subtle, narrow stripes in natural, black, toast, white and royal. Both versions feature toyo/polyester materials and have a matching solid 4 ½ inch brim sun hat; the lined bags feature faux-leather wristlets, zipper closures and the beautiful Cappelli Straworld etched wood logo.

"The Pack A Hat is ideal for resort, beach or everyday, and easily slips into a beach bag or everyday handbag or tote," Rubel observes. "Women can take it everywhere, and it's always ready for whenever the sun comes out!"
As the largest full-line in-stock headwear company in the world, it is no surprise that this vibrant company is always planning its next innovation or special offering for retailers.

As its presence in golf headwear grows with its comprehensive assortment under the brand names-Scala Pro, Tommy Bahama, Stetson Cloth Hats & Caps, Callanan and Cappelli Straworld-so does its offerings in fashion, functional and technologically advanced products.

The Scala Pro "Cap and Towel Combo" program combines two golfer essentials….a great golf cap and a microfiber putter towel. The collection's two bestselling ball cap style favorites, BC108 (UNSTRUCTURED STYLING) and BC166 (STRUCTURED DESIGN) in 14 and 8 colors respectively are each shipped with a quality 15" X 15" microfiber golfer's towel featuring a strong carabiner clip, available in 4 top shades (navy, black, white or red). The total cost is just $10-$12 with a suggested retail of between $25 and $30. This includes the customer's corporate, event or club logo on both items. Turnaround is fast, just 3 weeks from the time the logo artwork is received.

This program presents recognition and promotion advantages for the customer and is also a smart item for prizes, tournaments, charity events and outings. With a minimum of just 24 caps and 24 towels every savvy pro shop, club or course will want to have a selection. As for consumers, this two-some creates an affordable, solution based purchase idea for self or gift giving.

Anyone who ventures beyond the most manicured of urban landscapes knows how uncomfortable—not to say downright unhealthy—it can be when one's head becomes dinner for insects! Now, however, thanks to Stetson Cloth Hats & Caps and No Fly Zone™ fabric from Burlington® Labs, there's help at hand for everyone who harbors a yearning to be outdoors, whether in the backyard, in the woods of North America, or in the depths of a tropical rain forest! The No Fly Zone™ nylon fabric used in this group of Stetson hats features a patented, (EPA registration number 83588-1) odorless and invisible insect repellent technology that incorporates a permethrin-permeated layer (recommended by the CDC and WHO) to drive off mosquitoes, ticks, ants, chiggers, flies and midges as soon as they land on it—and it remains effective for 70 washings.

The Stetson hats with No Fly Zone™ technology come in a neutral Kaki color, and in shapes to suit every face—and, with three sizes (M, L, XL) to choose from, they fit, and look good on, both men and women. STC199, a boonie with mesh insert adjustable sizing toggle and a sun shield to protect the back of the neck, STC200, a solid boonie with chin strap, and STC197, a nylon mesh safari with chin cord all have 2 ½ inch brims. STC198, a mesh safari with chin cord, has a bigger 3 ½ inch brim. Retail prices are in the $30 to $35 range and will ship to stores for spring/summer 2014.

"Given the discomfort caused by insect bites, let alone the health risks," said Todd Gardner, Senior VP of Merchandise and Marketing of Stetson Cloth Hats & Caps parent, Dorfman Pacific, "we believe that these attractive, well-crafted, and affordably priced hats will rapidly prove to be indispensable in the wardrobe of any man or woman who likes to get out and enjoy the outside life."

About Dorfman Pacific:
Dorfman Pacific is one of the largest full-line, in-stock headwear companies in the world. The business, founded in 1921, began with a 5,000 square foot facility in Oakland, California as a small woolen dress cap manufacturer. Today, Dorfman Pacific has a 300,000 square foot facility in Stockton, California, showrooms throughout the USA, satellite headquarters in New York, New York and sells its products worldwide. Categories include a comprehensive collection of men's and children's headwear, women's and teens headwear, handbags and winter accessories. DORFMAN PACIFIC'S POWER BRAND PORTFOLIO includes styling and technology for every demographic and preference. Highlights are: Scala™, Stetson® Cloth Caps & Hats, Biltmore Hats, Callanan, Cappelli Straworld, Inc, Tommy Bahama®, Woolrich®, Stacy Adams, Christys' London, Sinatra™, Santana by Carlos Santana, DPC 1921, DPC™, Tropical Trends, Panama Jack®, Milano Hats, Larry Mahan, ETSIS™, Indiana Jones™, Jacaru, Justin®, Blue Chair Bay™ by Kenny Chesney, Mossy Oak.