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GolfLogix golf app surpasses three million member milestone

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- GolfLogix - a global leader in GPS and club-tracking technology and the world's No. 1 App for Golf - announces that it achieved record growth in 2013 and has surpassed the 3 million member milestone.

Approximately one million avid golfers joined the game's largest community last season to enjoy exclusive discounts from industry-leading partners, accurate GPS distances for free on 95 percent of the world's courses and Tour-quality data direct to a player's smartphone. Golf's most comprehensive array of benefits includes:

• Precise, Free GPS Distances for Life - No need for lasers or a standalone GPS unit; use your own smartphone to zoom in and get specific distances to the pin or any other key points (hazard, landing zone) on every hole

• Yardage Book Quality Imagery with Aerial Flyovers - Clear 3D graphics show all elements of each hole plus surrounding hazards, simply touch the screen for key information at any position; similar to what's seen on TV, high-end flyovers provide a complete birds-eye view from tee to green

• Pro-Level Scores and Stats - Paper scorecards are now obsolete, as it takes less than five seconds upon completion of each hole to record pro-level statistics that identify trends, strengths and areas your game can improve

• Patented Club Tracking - Powered by a US patent granted in 2003, build a mapped history of your game with shot tracking technology that creates a hole-by-hole plot of every club hit, distances and shot shape. Learn how far shots really travel, rather than judge off what you think is correct

• Tee Time Deals via GolfNow - In-app tee-time exclusive discounts on all GolfNow Hot Deals, including 20% off your first Hot Deal Tee time, when booking within GolfLogix

• Personalized Instruction Tools from Golf Digest - Post-round lessons and videos from Golf Digest's stable of elite instructors and PGA Tour Playing Editors; based on personal data entered by player; delivered direct to a golfer's smartphone

• Exclusive Discounts through Golfsmith Pro Shop - Private in-app product offers; Champion members receive a $20 digital coupon, free ground shipping on first Golfsmith Pro Shop purchase greater than $75

"Industry research shows significant increases in mobile adoption, where we've cemented our position as the unquestioned leader in golf and built a network of millions of hyper-connected golfers," says GolfLogix President Pete Charleston. "After earning the title of top sports app on iTunes in 2013, our growth trajectory continues to swell with new technologies and partnerships that help our members play better, faster and enjoy the game more."

Easily downloaded for free from, the GolfLogix GPS app is compatible with more than 60 smartphone models and offers more than 34,000 courses worldwide. For less than $20, an upgraded annual Champion membership provides golfers with advanced club tracking and distances to any location on the hole such as pin position, hazards and landing zones.

All membership levels include access to the GolfLogix Member Clubhouse, the No. 1 online golf community where millions of players interact through social forums, offer challenges to fellow golfers and maintain an indexed handicap. Personal web pages for each user also store performance statistics, so every round can be analyzed by fairways hit, greens in regulation, putting, shot trends and more. It also contains a vault with 60 years of digitized Golf Digest content, including tips, articles and videos from the magazine's legendary stable of elite instructors and Tour Playing Editors.

About GolfLogix
The No. 1 App for Golf, GolfLogix boasts more than 3 million members on the world's top-selling smartphones. Dedicated to offering consumers the most advanced GPS solutions with the best features, quality and price, GolfLogix helps improve individual performance. Strategic partnerships with industry-leading content provider Golf Digest, top retailer Golfsmith and tee time provider GolfNow present members with exclusive benefits directly through the app.

Founded in May 1999, GolfLogix was the first to introduce handheld GPS to the golf industry and holds a U.S. patent for its unique GPS and Internet-based club tracking application. Based in Scottsdale, AZ, the company has been professionally mapping courses for more than 14 years and owns the largest, most up-to-date golf course database in the world.

In 2009, the rapid advance of smartphone technology led GolfLogix to develop and quickly capture the market with an easy-to-use application providing precise GPS distances. In addition, the software manages scorekeeping and stat tracking, then uploads them to an online clubhouse community where golfers can interact and compete with millions of other players worldwide. Now available on more than 60 different smartphone models, The No. 1 Golf App offers maps for more than 34,000 courses globally.

For more information:, 877.977.0162.

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