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Dirty Larry Golf announces crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter

Raleigh-based startup Dirty Larry Golf is five days into their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The project revolves around the recently debuted Navigator training aid.

The Navigator is an eye-training device that attaches to the shaft of any putter. It relies on alignment rods to demonstrate putter face angle at address and impact. The team at Dirty Larry Golf has been working on the concept for three years. They partnered with Touchstone 3D, a local design firm to create their final product.

Dirty Larry Golf soft launched at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla. on January 21, 2014, where they introduced the Navigator to industry professionals for the first time. They began talks with buyers from around the globe and gathered pre-orders from PGA professionals and instructors.

Founders Dave Nastalski and 'Dirty' Larry Feistel turned to social fundraising after discovering that the demand for the Navigator was higher than projected. Dave discussed the industry response, "There wasn't a doubt in our minds that the product worked, but the feedback from top teaching professionals and academy leaders at the show confirmed it." Backer funds from the campaign will be used to raise capital for manufacturing the aid here in the United States for large-scale distribution. Larry commented, "At this point, it would be easy to take our manufacturing outside of the U.S. to somewhere cheaper and move on with everything, but we don't want that. And we don't believe that other people want that either. Creating work for American companies and boosting our economy is something worth caring about."

In accordance with Kickstarter guidelines, Dirty Larry Golf will have a set number of days to gather the full amount requested or the company will not receive any of the money collected. The campaign is rewards-based, meaning backers will receive specified goods from the company depending on the amount pledged. The Navigator campaign has a 30-day window for collecting the project goal of $33,500.

Those interested in Dirty Larry Golf and the Navigator can find the Kickstarter campaign here:

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