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Winter issue of LINKS parcels Florida into five distinct regions

HILTON HEAD, S.C. -- When it comes to golf, it's hard to beat Florida.

But what most people don't know—and it takes LINKS Magazine, the freshest and most exciting magazine in golf to tell them—is that there isn't just one Florida. There are five Floridas, each different, special, and welcoming.

In the Winter 2014 issue of LINKS, now available, author Dave Seanor—a well-known golf writer and Florida resident for two decades—travels from the Panhandle to the Keys, parsing and packaging the state into five distinct regions, each with its own personality and archetypal golf courses. The regions are:

• The Old South Zone: The Panhandle, "the most scenic part of Florida, and certainly the least stressful"
• The Finchem Zone: Northeast Florida, which "owes much of its appeal to the PGA Tour," which is headquartered here
• The Euro Zone: Orlando, the theme-park center of the universe, where "the prevailing attitude… is one of, dare we say, permissiveness"
• The High-T Zone: That's "T" for testosterone, roughly Palm Beach to Miami, "It is Latin America's gateway to the United States, a destination for wealth, legitimate or not"
• The Twilight Zone: The Gulf Coast, 220-plus miles of coastline populated primarily by senior citizens from the Midwest. "Of the 10 Gulf-Coast counties…nine have a median age of 43.6 or older"

Every region is described and defined by its "can't go wrong" golf courses, as well as sleepers and "got connections" clubs, courses, and other golf experiences. For anyone planning a visit—or maybe a move—to the Sunshine State, "The Five Floridas" is required reading.

But it's not the only article of interest in LINKS' Winter 2014 issue. Among the other stories are Editor George Peper's Sin City diary, called "Loving Las Vegas"; an in-depth look at China's Mission Hills, the largest golf project in the world; and visits to great courses from Ireland to Jamaica, Myrtle Beach to Mexico. Plus, first looks at Donald Trump's redesigned Blue Monster at Doral and Gary Player's Cliffs at Mountain Park in South Carolina.

For unique and unprecedented coverage of great golf and the golf lifestyle around the globe, there may be five Floridas, but there is only one LINKS Magazine.

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