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"Own Your Game" by putting and short game guru Dave Stockton

How to Use Your Mind to Play Winning Golf

By Dave Stockton with Matthew Rudy

Putting and short game guru Dave Stockton averages 90-100 corporate outings per year, and he routinely sees golfers whose approach to the game -- whether it's about strategy or attitude -- is holding them back. Stockton teaches his students to hit their shots as they would sign a signature -- with the unconscious mind. In his previous bestselling instruction books, Unconscious Putting and Unconscious Scoring, Stockton armed readers with simple and powerful strategies for improving on and around the green.

In OWN YOUR GAME: How to Use Your Mind to Play Winning Golf (Gotham Books, March 2014; Hardcover, eBook, Deluxe e-Edition with 16 videos), Stockton shifts his focus to the mental techniques that can make or break the game.

OWN YOUR GAME recreates the experience of riding 18 holes with Dave Stockton at one his highly sought-after corporate outings and draws from his experience as a champion tour player and a revered coach.

Stockton shows any player how to
• Think better,
• Stay calmer,
• Execute more consistently and,
• Most importantly, enjoy the game more thoroughly.

Using anecdotes from five decades of first-hand experience playing and coaching, Stockton shows readers how subjects like confidence, concentration, calmness, and composure—not technical knowledge or prowess—make the difference between success and failure.

Stockton believes that any player can learn to use his or her mind more effectively—both in the microcosm of the shot at hand and in the context of plotting a way shot by shot through a round. OWN YOUR GAME provides a clear, concise roadmap to lower scores for players of all levels. Rather than grinding over buckets of range balls and trying to imitate the swings of the pros, Stockton gives amateur golfers the freedom and permission to learn to play better with the swing they currently have.

OWN YOUR GAME is designed to be a portable, conversational, practical, "soft skills" companion for avid golfers of any handicap level.


OWN YOUR GAME: How to Use Your Mind to Play Winning Golf
Dave Stockton with Matthew Rudy
Gotham Books | March 2014 | Hardcover | eBook | Deluxe e-Edition with 16 videos

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