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Gotham Books announces new "Every Shot Counts" by Mark Broadie

Using the Revolutionary Strokes-Gained Approach to Improve Your Golf Performance and Strategy

by Mark Broadie
with a foreword by Sean Foley

For years, golf was measured with traditional stats: Putts per round. Fairways hit. Greens in regulation. These crude measures provide little insight into golf performance. Then the PGA Tour started to collect detailed data on individual shots: how far they travel, what direction they go, and where they end up relative to the hole. Around the same time, Mark Broadie created a program called Golfmetrics to collect the same type of data for amateur golfers. This mountain of unprecedented professional and amateur data allowed Broadie to find answers to age-old questions of golf performance and strategy. Many of the results are surprising and run counter to conventional wisdom.

In 2011, the PGA Tour was looking for a better way to measure putting performance. Based on Mark Broadie's research, the PGA Tour rolled out strokes gained putting . It quickly became recognized as the gold standard for understanding golfers' true strengths and weaknesses.

In EVERY SHOT COUNTS: Using the Revolutionary Strokes-Gained Approach to Improve Your Golf Performance and Strategy (Gotham Books, March 10, 2014, Hardcover, eBook) Broadie explains the simple idea behind strokes gained and shows how it applies to all golf shots. He uses it to answer many questions of golf performance: What does it take to win a PGA Tour tournament? What is the secret behind Tiger Woods's success? Which skills separate amateurs from pros? How much is twenty extra yards of driving distance worth?

EVERY SHOT COUNTS also uses this new data to analyze golf strategy: Lay up or go for it? Play an aggressive or conservative shot off the tee? Not a book about swing mechanics, EVERY SHOT COUNTS uses data and analytics to better understand golf performance and golf strategy.

EVERY SHOT COUNTS reveals truths that will change the way golfers of all handicaps look at and play the game.

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