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Karen Palacios-Jansen introduces Cardiogolf-Get Fit for Golf Year-Round Program

Karen Palacios-Jansen renowned, LPGA Teaching Professional; regular guest instructor on The Golf Channel; voted one of America's "Top 50 Females Instructors" by Golf Digest Magazine; LPGA 2008 National Teacher of the Year has added a new product to her online Cardiogolf products.

Cardiogolf-Get Fit for Golf Year-Round Program is a brand new e-book to help you stay in shape for golf all year-round.

Cardiogolf-Get Fit for Golf Year-Round Program is a downloadable e-book that is packed with 176 pages of workouts, exercises and drills to improve your game, year round and includes:

• Cardiogolf warm up routine and fitness screening assessment
• Cardiovascular exercises to increase endurance throughout your round
• Swing technique and tips for more consistency
• Exercises to develop core strength and stability for more distance
• Golf swing drills
• Interval circuit training exercise routines
• Off-season, pre-season and in-season programs
• Links to golf instructional videos and blog tips

For more information, download the Cardiogolf Get Fit for Golf e-book.

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About Cardiogolf:
Cardiogolf is a unique online golf-specific fitness program designed to jump-start your golf fitness and game. Cardiogolf is a combination of swing drills and golf-specific exercises. Cardiogolf accommodates golfers of all skills and fitness levels. All you need is a 4 x 4 sq. ft space to do the golf swing exercises.

Every Cardiogolf exercise is based on fundamental golf positions and sequences of motion achieved by every good golfer. Using golf clubs, weights, medicine and exercise balls you'll learn exercises to promote better flexibility, posture and balance throughout the golf swing. Your game will improve and your body will be better conditioned. You can do the exercises in the comfort of your own home or office and play music or watch T.V. as you complete a workout for your body and your golf swing.

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