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ClubSoft to make Club Benchmarking's CB Link technology available

RALEIGH, N.C. -- ClubSoft North America announces that it will be the first systems provider in the industry to make Club Benchmarking's CB Link technology available to its clients. ClubSoft clients will enjoy advanced functionality that makes it possible to submit data to Club Benchmarking and the CMAA survey with a click of an icon. The development teams from both companies worked together to integrate CB Link which can be accessed through an icon on the ClubSoft Office dashboard.

The relationship between ClubSoft and Club Benchmarking is a natural fit, grounded in the shared belief that universal adoption of the standardized chart of accounts and access to benchmark data via a centralized database are keys to the future health of the club industry.

"The last few years Private Club owners and board members have become more dependent on accurate financial data to run their organizations," said Ray McDonald, CEO of ClubSoft. "Our goal with this integration is to make it easy for our clients to participate and use data from the industry benchmarking experts. This allows CMAA's professional managers to contribute to important industry research and to use facts to educate their Board and make fact based decisions."

Club Benchmarking delivers external best practice business intelligence which assists club leaders in making informed and strategic decisions based on facts instead of opinions and ad-hoc data. Advancing the data-sharing technology through this collaboration will lead to a healthier club industry by streamlining the data reporting and collection process.

"We are intensely focused on providing managers, boards, and owners the best comparative data and intelligence in the industry," said Club Benchmarking CEO & Co-Founder Ray Cronin. "The CB platform has delivered tremendous value to many hundreds of clubs and CB LinkTM is the next step in automating the important data sharing central to Club Benchmarking and the CMAA survey process. We are excited to have ClubSoft as our first partner in the effort to link club financial and MIS software to our database."

About ClubSoft
ClubSoft ( began operations in 2005 with a group of highly motivated individuals with many years' experience in the club software industry. ClubSoft develops, sells, implements and supports the most technologically advanced club management system in the world. The company is owned and operated by people who take personal pride in the quality of the products as well as the support provided to customers. Using the latest development tools and technology, ClubSoft has focused on delivering state of the art products to help clubs reduce their IT cost and complexity, while improving the speed of management information.

About Club Benchmarking
Club Benchmarking (CB) is driven by the core belief that elevating fact over opinion results in healthier clubs, more empowered managers, and more strategic boards. CB arms managers and boards with the facts needed to focus on key strategic issues with confidence. The powerful online platform provides 24/7 access to the very best industry information from more than 1,000 clubs to support strategic planning and budgeting. Benchmarks can be established against specific peer sets or the industry as a whole. Club Benchmarking's analysis has led to the Available Cash Model - the proven common business model of clubs. Nearly 500 clubs subscribe to Club Benchmarking's platform using automatically generated Key Performance Indicator reports to strategically benchmark their own club. For further information visit,

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