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Veritas Golf reports opening sales of new Cure Putter models

FLAGLER BEACH, Fla. -- All it took was a live interview on The Golf Channel's Morning Drive to drive home the Cure Putters message: Veritas Golf has invented the game changer. Having Charlie Rymer and Deane Beman, former PGA TOUR Commissioner, co-inventor and now Vice President of Tour Relations for Veritas Golf, discuss the benefits of the world's first fully-adjustable putter caused a wave of traffic and is resulting in the company's first sales to green grass shops. Even Donald Trump stopped by to visit with Commissioner Beman and to see the virtues of the RX line of Cure Putters. Veritas launched The Cure RX1 and RX2 Putters at today the 61st PGA Merchandise Show.

Among the many new accounts opened today with Veritas Golf is Golf Fore Less of Hyannis, MA. Edward Czerwinski, owner of Golf Fore Less rolled the Cure RX2 putter for the first time at Demo Day on Tuesday and less than 24 hours later he was at the Veritas booth (#800) placing an order for his shop. Said Mr. Czerwinski, "Based on my demo day experience the stability of the putter was amazing, the alignment was good and easy, and the distance control was repeatable." He continued, "For my customers this is going to reduce their three putts, and help on long putts. I'm going to sell a lot of these."

Thomas Wartelle bought two putters off the floor through the company's website, one for himself and one for his eight year-old son. "I felt the ease of alignment and adjustability would sell well for my members. For my son, and juniors at our clubs, being able to simply change out the shafts without having to buy new heads will provide tremendous value. Wartelle is Director of Golf at Jackson Kearney Group in Washington, LA.

Said Veritas CEO, James P. McCarthy, "We are like Cinderella at the ball. We know we have a revolutionary new putter, and the overwhelming reception so far confirms that we in fact have the game changer. He continued, "Even Donald Trump walked into the booth to get fit with the Commissioner earlier. We are thrilled with the early sales and looking forward to the rest of the golf world joining the revolution."

Some other notable clubs and shops signing on with Veritas Golf include:
• Sawgrass Country Club of Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl
• Golf Shoes Plus of Fort Myers, Fl
• Trump International Golf Club, Rio Grande, PR

Founded by PGA Professional, Jeff Ryan, and partner Steve Davis, an architect with a scratch handicap, the Veritas Golf Company has invented what Beman has called "the most technologically advanced putters ever made." The first putter invented by Davis, the Cure Rx1 putter, represented a breakthrough in putter engineering from several perspectives. Based on the highest MOI face in the industry, adjustable lie angles, customizable weights, right or left hand adjustable, and a few others, Beman says "the Rx1 made every other putter obsolete."

Beman and Davis took that science-based philosophy one step further to develop the revolutionary Cure Rx2 Putter, which incorporates the eye-popping triangulation alignment system developed by Beman. This stunning new putter is simply easier to align than traditional linear alignment putters. The ball forms the "point" of a triangle with the two alignment discs on the heel and toe of the putter. This triangle can be easily, naturally and dependably aimed on the line of the putt. Combined with all the features of the RX1, the Cure Rx2 Putter Triangulation Alignment system is the cure for misalignment.

The Cure RX Putters are now available online through the Veritas Website (, and will be available at green grass and big-box stores immediately following the PGA Merchandise Show. The RX1 retails for $199 and the RX2 retails for $269.

About Veritas Golf Company:
Veritas Golf is an engineering-based company, thinking outside the box and producing innovative golf equipment that is "Engineered To Perform."

Veritas Golf is committed to game-improving equipment through better engineering. Its first invention, the Cure RX1 represented a breakthrough in putter engineering from several perspectives. A famous architect, Louis Sullivan, coined the phrase "form follows function." Veritas Golf has created a new "form" of putter based on the functional requirements of lie adjustability and increased moment of inertia that resulted is a putting breakthrough. Its second invention in collaboration with Deane Beman, the Cure Rx2 Putter, is a breakthrough in putter alignment. Cure Putters can be found on the web at, on Facebook at ( and Twitter at @cureputters.

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