Golf News for Friday, January 24, 2014 | Business

Wiz Golf Performance Center now boasts Trackman certification

SINGAPORE -- Wiz Golf Performance Centre, a performance-based golf custom fitting company, announced that with their fitting specialist, Luvin Lim attaining the Trackman Profession Level 2 certification, Wiz Golf officially becomes the first and only Trackman certified independent custom fitting centre in Singapore. Two other certified professionals, Skye Neal and Justin Han, are teaching professionals at Sentosa Golf Academy and MST Academy respectively.

Khee Wei Seow, Associate Director of Clubfitting Practice at Wiz Golf, noted that, "Trackman Pro is a world-leading system that provides (our) fitters with accurate data and knowledge for our performance-based fitting practices. Knowing exactly what the data mean and what/how they can be improved, we are able overcome fitting bias and simple trial-and-error methods of the past. With Luvin's attaining the certification, this is yet another testimony of our journey and commitment to be the best in the industry."

About Wiz Golf
Wiz Golf was founded to help golfers of all skill levels take advantage of new technologies, products, materials and fitting methodologies available to golfers today. Wiz Golf is awarded World Top 100 Club Fitter, ACGP Certified, True Temper Gold Certified, and the list goes on. Wiz Golf is here to share their technical knowledge in order to improve your game, and make it more enjoyable. Wiz Golf Performance Centre is also the authorized fitting center for KZG, VEGA, and Edel custom putters and wedges.

About Trackman
TrackMan A/S is a Danish technology company that develops, manufactures and sells 3D ball flight measurement equipment used in different sports. Today, TrackMan A/S is a world leader in ball flight and club data measurements and the company is considered to have set the industry standards for accuracy in golf. Trackman strives to assist professionals, amateurs, teachers and corporations across sports through exact and easy to use quantitative analysis. Their industry leading precision, reliability and ease of use enables organizations to develop products and services that drive profit and engage customers. From gaming applications to performance analysis, TrackMan is changing the way professionals and the rest of us enjoy and improve our golf and do business.

Melvin Cheng
Wiz Golf Performance Centre