Golf News for Friday, January 17, 2014 | Technology

GolfNow introduces range of software platforms built for golf course operators

ORLANDO, Fla. -- GolfNow is unveiling a collection of software platforms designed specifically to help golf course operators grow their businesses and deliver the optimal experience for golfers. Serving the needs of public, resort, and select private golf courses, this trio of GolfNow platforms will be available for demo at Booth #2609 at the PGA Merchandise Show, Jan. 22-24. The new software offerings include GolfNow Connect, an integrated, online tee time reservation management system; GolfNow Reservations, an online tee sheet booking engine, customer relationship management system, and point-of-sale software; and GolfNow One, a cloud-based, all-in-one golf course management software.

"Our ultimate goal is to use technology to make it easier and more enjoyable for people to go play golf. And with our latest software platforms, GolfNow will provide effective, practical resources for golf course operators to engage with these golfers and provide a first-class customer service experience," said Will McIntosh, Senior Vice President of Business & Strategy for GolfNow. "These technology offerings will allow operators to choose the model that best meets their needs to more effectively manage their businesses, while increasing revenues by providing vital insight into their golfers' purchasing trends."

The new GolfNow software platforms:
• GolfNow Connect: A fully integrated, cloud-based tee time reservation management technology, GolfNow Connect is specifically optimized for the GolfNow distribution platform. Easy to implement and update without a need for installing software at any time, the system is compatible for Mac, Windows, and all updated web browsers and mobile devices. The foundation of GolfNow Connect is BRS Golf's technology, which has been effectively used in the U.K. for more than a decade.
• GolfNow Reservations: Built upon the Fore! Reservations platform, GolfNow Reservations is an all-encompassing tee time monitoring solution. Combining tee sheet, integrated online booking, a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system with automated email marketing and a point-of-sale engine, GolfNow Reservations is synched to operate reliably and allows for easy navigation throughout the system.
• GolfNow One: GolfNow's most advanced business management platform, GolfNow One is a cloud-based solution that merges all software and operating systems into one simplified approach. GolfNow One provides operators the ability to promote, book, sell and manage their business with one system, which is accessible from anywhere using a computer, tablet or smartphone. GolfNow One manages every transaction from processing and tracking rounds, food and merchandise, while also simplifying employee scheduling, inventory, payroll, vendor relationships, customer marketing and sales tracking - all in one place.

"As the industry-leading distribution platform, GolfNow continues to serve as a medium to help operators manage their businesses," said Jeff Foster, Senior Vice President of New Media Group. "Building upon the heritage of Fore! Reservations' and BRS Golf' proven software platforms, along with the development of GolfNow One, our technology offerings give us the opportunity to expand our relationships with course operators to help them deliver the best experience possible to their golfers."

For additional information on the range of software options, course operators are encouraged to utilize GolfNow Solutions, a resource website outlining the benefits of GolfNow Connect, GolfNow Reservations and GolfNow One, as well as other services that can strengthen course operators' businesses including website development, backing engines, booking tools and core distribution.

About GolfNow
Using leading-edge technology, GolfNow offers golfers more ways to stay connected to their favorite courses and tee times through the web, e-mail and mobile devices. Founded in 2001, GolfNow has expanded to more than 80 markets worldwide, providing tee-time access to more than 5,000 courses for nearly 2 million registered users. GolfNow is part of the suite of digital businesses managed by Golf Channel, which is seen in more than 120 million homes worldwide through cable, satellite and wireless companies.

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