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Hand Speed Trainer can help golfers achieve greater distance

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Weight resistance training can boost the average golfer's game by increasing club head speed 3.50 miles per hour , ball speed by 4.55 miles per hour and total distance by 7.1 yards. These results are based on a study of the correlation between incremental resistance training on golf specific muscles and golf game improvements that was released at the 61 Annual PGA Merchandise Show.

"This study literally drives home the positive impact of weight resistance training on golf game improvements through muscle building, hand strengthening and agility," said Joe Hassler, 20 year certified PGA instructor who participated in the study. "While there are many ways to improve your game, Hand Speed Trainer offers one of the fastest methods with demonstrated results."

The findings were concluded using Hand Speed Trainer weight resistance sleeves (Booth # 584, Fit to Win) in a four week period using 6 and 7 irons. Test results were measured and recorded using Golf Tec's G Swing System.

"While there has been a great deal of circumstantial evidence in golf game improvements from weight resistance training, the study validates the effectiveness of the Hand Speed Training system," said Dave Owens, CEO, Hand Speed Trainer.

Test Methods
The test was conducted by golfers of various ages and handicaps wearing Hand Speed Training sleeves for resistance while swinging clubs 25 times, three times a week. Initial weight resistance began at 4 ounces (113.4 g) and increased another 4 ounces (113.4 g) every week for 4 weeks. By the fourth week, the resistance was 16 ounces (453.6 g).

Each golfer recorded 5 swings measuring club head velocity, ball speed and total distance before and after the four week testing using Golf Tec's G Swing System. The G Swing System was also utilized to evaluate differences in swing mechanics before and after the 4 week study.

Pre and Post Test Results
Pre test data from 50 swings using 6 and 7 irons was collected measuring club head velocity, ball speed and total distance before and after the 4 week testing with Hand Speed Training sleeves. Pre test results averaged a club head velocity of 70.27 and ball speed of 101.75 miles per hour for a total distance of 152.1 yards.

Using the same criteria as the pre test, the post test data showed an average increase of 3.50 miles per hour to 73.77, a ball speed jump of 4.55 miles per hour to 106.30 and an additional 7.1 yards to 159.2.

Hand Speed Trainer
The Hand Speed Trainer is a washable set of neoprene training sleeves designed for any man or woman's forearms. Slots in the sleeve hold eight and four ounce weights that can be manipulated for an exact fit to resist your muscles while in action and build grip, wrist, and arm strength over an eight week muscle building program.

This devise is ideally designed for golf and has been used and endorsed by pro-golfers, including professional golf coach Hank Haney and Re/Max 2008 Long Drive Champion (45+) Dan Boever, among others.

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