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SST PURE shaft alignment technology helps golfers achieve success

From Greg Norman in the January 2014 issue of Golf Magazine, this might be the most thought-provoking quote ever on the importance of shaft alignment:

"The secret's in the shaft," he said. "I spent a lot of time trying different shafts and, when I found a good match, making sure the spine was set in the same place on every club. I got it right, so I can't figure out why today's pros can't do likewise, it's easy to re-create the same specs and feel from one set to the next."

That's the essence of what SST PURE has been doing for over 15 years on Tour and through the SST PURE licensee network. Today's pros agree and are achieving unparalleled success with the help of SST PURE. Research and independent testing proves all shafts, regardless of price or brand, have certain inconsistencies. Once SST PUREs a shaft it performs better than a randomly assembled shaft because out-of-plane bending and twisting during the swing due to these inconsistencies are virtually eliminated with SST PUREs patented and proprietary programs and computers.

Performed on clubs from any manufacturer, SST PURE shaft alignment technology analyzes the structural irregularities that exist to some degree in every golf shaft and locates the shaft's most stable orientation. By assembling the club with the shaft in its SST PURE® orientation, off-line bending and twisting of the shaft are minimized and impact repeatability on the center of the clubface by the golfer improves by up to 51 percent.

SST PURE shaft alignment is available to the public through a network of the world's finest clubmakers. For more information or to locate a licensee near you, call 877.254.4648 or visit

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