Golf News for Tuesday, November 26, 2013 | Business

Quantum Golf Putters announces new business model innovations

PHOENIX -- Duane Engdahl, CEO of Quantum Golf Putters, announced that he is making major innovations to his company's business model in order to adapt to changes in worldwide business environment.

"At Quantum, our business environment is the Golf Market," said Engdahl, "which here in America, is sadly in decline along with the general decline of our US economy. But in Europe, the golf market remains strong, probably due to their favorable currency exchange rate. And in the emerging markets of China and India, the golf market is expected to become huge in the near future. So we need to make changes in our business model to adapt to changes in the worldwide golf market."

"We are going to eliminate/minimize every cost not directly associated with product quality; we are going to reduce our economic profit to zero; and we are going to sell worldwide exclusively via the Internet."

"Quantum is well known for its innovative golf putter product, now it will also become well known for its innovative way of doing business."

Quantum's motto is 'Innovating to Benefit Golfers' and now that has the greater meaning of innovating not only the product but also the company and the way it does business. As a result, Quantum Golf Putters are now priced at US$95 plus a custom fitting & assembly service charge; that is a major reduction from the previous price of US$295 for exactly the same superior golf putters.

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