Golf News for Wednesday, November 20, 2013 | Equipment

Blade Runner Golf introduces new Black Magic 52 degree gap wedge

A gap wedge also known as an approach wedge was designed to give golfers a club to use for shots that are too short for a pitching wedge and too long for a sand wedge. Typically a gap wedge is 52 degrees but can be found from 50 to 54 degrees from different manufactures.

The Black Magic 52 degree gap wedge is an all new type of wedge that will produce those longer shots with greater control and consistency but also a club that players can naturally lay the face open to produce shorter shots you would think only could be done with a 56 degree wedge. What sets this gap wedge apart from others is that it eliminates the chances of hitting a shank and greatly reduces chunking shots with its zero degree bounce angle at impact.

Many customers have taken the time to write hybrid wedge reviews letting us know how this unique gap wedge has helped their game allowing them to hit a variety of different type shots without carrying a bag full of wedges. The Black Magic gap wedge gives players a new approach to the many difficult short game shots that are giving them trouble with standard type wedges.

Some golfers would rather carry only 1 or 2 wedges for their short game instead of carrying too many types of wedges that require a lot of time experimenting to know how they will perform from different types of lies. If a player has confidence with a particular wedge like a gap wedge they are more apt to experiment with different distances by adjusting their swing. The Black Magic gap wedge not only gives players the confidence to experiment with different distances, but is also a club that works exceptionally from the bunkers due to its hybrid design sole plate that reduces the chance of getting stuck in the sand.

For more information on how this wedge can help your game, visit their complete online store and view the many short video's showing average golfers using the Black Magic Wedges.

Blade Runner Golf, Inc. is a company devoted to the notion that a golfer's short game can make all the difference in his or her final score-but you can take your short game to the next level only if you have the right equipment. Black Magic's hybrid wedges Conform to USGA rules, but also helps golf enthusiasts find new precision and power as they make their way onto the putting green and they can be accessed on the web at:

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