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East Tennessee custom clubfitter speaks at annual AGCP meeting

The 8th Annual Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP) Roundtable was held in Columbus, GA on October 17-19, 2013. A focus area for this year's Roundtable was Putter Fitting and Putting Improvement. Tony Wright, owner of Game Improvement Golf in Oak Ridge, TN, presented "Putting Improvement Tips That WORK" to more than 40 U.S. and international club fitting professionals.

Tony's presentation focused on how to use the Science and Motion Sports (SAM) PuttLab, putter measurements, putting stroke picture and video analysis, and putter stroke training tools to help golfers understand and improve their putting strokes.

The SAM PuttLab is the world's leading putting analysis and training system. It measures the 28 most important elements of a putting stroke - a golfer can immediately see the areas where he can improve his stroke. Then, in the SAM PuttLab training mode, a golfer can get visual and audible feedback to lock in improvements to his stroke. Tony is the only Level 1 Certified SAM PuttLab Putting Instructor in Tennessee.

Below are some of the comments that AGCP custom clubfitters made on Tony's presentation:

Bill Weitzel, Conquest Custom Golf and Golf Digest Top 100 Custom Club Fitter - "For any golfer who needs an "in depth" analysis of his putter and putting stroke, the East Tennessee Short Game Expert, Tony Wright of Game Improvement Golf, is the place to go. After seeing his presentation at the 8th AGCP Roundtable, he can help any golfer dial in his short game!"

Mike Kell, Mike's Clubs, AGCP Level 9 Certified Clubfitter - "Tony Wright, a certified AGCP member, has demonstrated with his presentation at the annual AGCP Roundtable that he is a subject matter expert in putter fitting and putting improvement."

Chris Carlisle, Hoover Golf Technology - "After watching Tony Wright's presentation on putter fitting using the SAM PuttLab, I'm convinced using his services is the fastest way to lower scores. Tony brings experience, knowledge and the latest technology to help golfers improve their putting."

Game Improvement Golf - through the use of the SAM PuttLab - helps golfers of all skill levels in East Tennessee improve their putting and lower their scores. For more information on Game Improvement Golf go this this link:

Game Improvement Golf helps golfers to shoot lower scores and achieve their golfing dreams - by optimizing the performance of their golf clubs using club fitting knowledge, tools, and passion. It provides professional custom club fitting, putting analysis and improvement, club building, and club repair services to golfers in the Oak Ridge, Knoxville, and East Tennessee areas. It is the premier short-game fitting and improvement center in East Tennessee. Game Improvement Golf was rated by Golf Digest as One of America's Best Club fitters in 2011 and 2013. It recently published a best-selling Amazon Kindle book - "The Fit Is IT!! - How Custom Club Fitting Matters to YOUR Golfing Dreams."

Tony Wright
Owner, Game Improvement Golf
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Oak Ridge, TN USA