Golf News for Friday, October 25, 2013 | Technology

Mobitee golf app announces updates to Android, Windows and iPhone

LOS ANGELES -- Mobitee Mobile Golf Assistant has just announced updates to its award-winning GPS Rangefinder app for all three platforms: iPhone (and iPad), Android and Windows Phone.

Enhancements include handicap allowances, new bag features, scoring improvements and small GPS tweaks in the app.

Mobitee proudly boasts offering the best customer support in the app store; and rightfully so! "Team Mobitee is hard at work to make our app the best golf application in the world," as mentioned in the recent Mobitee Updates Blog. "Our managers and support staff carefully consider all requests received from our customers and, after an in-depth examination, we add new features and fix some bugs. The result of this persistence is represented in our updates."

Mobitee's innovative and user-friendly software which includes rangefinder, shot tracker, flyover video, statistical analysis tool, club recommender and scorecard app, allows golfers the ability to improve his or her game. And, as Mobitee says, "it's so easy even an adult can use it!"

"Mobitee is not a simple gadget application or a very complicated software," says Stan Chapus, CEO of Mobitee. "It is a real tool to help every golfer. It is a virtual caddie, a reliable golf companion."

About Mobitee:
A French company which has successfully brought their GPS/Rangefinder app software to the U.S. Market, Mobitee boasts seventeen full-time, committed developers who have created an ever-evolving multi-functional GPS Golf App which can also be used as a scorecard, rangefinder, statistical analysis tool, visual flyover and more for iPhone, Android and Blackberry smart phones. Over 100,000 downloads have been reported. A free trial version is available at and complete paid version is under twenty-five dollars with free updates and no annual subscription fees. Mobitee can be downloaded through ITunes, Google Play and Facebook App Stores.

Derek Jennings