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Lazer Putter's John Backman on Golf Channel's Champions Tour Learning Center

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- John Backman, President & Co-Inventor of the Lazer Putter, will be featured on Golf Channel's Champions Tour Learning Center this Tuesday, October 22nd at 7:30 pm (EDT). Backman will be appearing on the program along with popular PGA & Champions Tour Professional Peter Jacobsen.

Jacobsen and Backman will discuss and demonstrate the Lazer Putter during one of the segments on the show. The Lazer Putter recently caught Jacobsen's attention and he has since helped Backman make inroads with other Champions Tour Players, at The Boeing Classic and Nature Valley First Tee Open. After trying it, Jacobsen decided he absolutely had to have one. In his opinion, it's the most effective training aid available for teaching proper alignment and he uses it regularly to improve his putting.

"When I was met with Peter at his Portland office and he told me he wanted one and would definitely be using it. I got pretty excited," said John Backman, President & Co-Inventor of the Lazer Putter. "When he told me he would participate in a feature on Golf Channel's Champions Tour Learning Center I about lost my mind! Having a top notch Tour Player like Peter who is so well liked and respected by his fans and the other Tour Players out there is a real honor and it's a big help when you're launching a product like this. But he truly believes in it and uses it every day! Peter has opened some pretty big doors for us already. I'm really excited and grateful for his help."

If you're looking to lower your golf scores you need to practice with the club you use most often on the course...your putter. The only problem is results indicate that the average golfer cannot properly line up a 5 foot putt. Our research shows that the vast majority of golfers are not aiming their putter where they think they are.

Every golfer wants to putt better and we believe it all starts with a golfer's ability to aim the putter and align themselves to their target. By providing instant feedback, Lazer Putterâ„¢ improves your ability to aim and align putts, improves line-perception over putts and most importantly will give you more confidence over every putt. Improving these three fundamentals allows you to focus more on determining the speed and the break of the putt.

If a player's not aimed and aligned properly they now have to manipulate something in the stroke to get the ball rolling on the proper line. Alignment with the Lazer Putter could not be any easier. Simply push the button to activate the Green Light Laser Alignment System (visible even on the brightest day), move the dial on the Distance Adjustment Control (from 1 - 40 ft.) and find out instantly if you are aligned properly for the putt.

"It's flat out awesome," states Peter Jacobsen, PGA TOUR Player and Golf Channel Commentator. "It works very well. I love the way you can just take your finger and move the line. It's a great visual learning tool!"

"The Lazer Putter is great," said Ken Duke, Winner of the 2013 Travelers Championship & 2-Time Nationwide Tour Winner. "It helps me get the correct alignment and focus on the stroke!"

"The Lazer Putter is awesome! It's the best putting tool I've seen to practice with. It gives quick and accurate feedback!" - Brian Mogg - GOLF Magazine Top 50 Instructor for 2013

Order the Lazer Putter at today and start making more putts and lowering your golf scores tomorrow!

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