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Big Max Golf USA reports currently hiring sales representatives

MONTEREY PARK, Calif. -- Big Max Golf USA is proud to introduce Europe's top-selling line of trolleys to the United States.

Big Max USA is currently hiring sales representatives in many regions across North America as it prepares for a major launch in the United States. We are looking for active and professional personnel to join our exciting team. You would be joining a team that represents the finest set of trolleys ever designed...and be at the forefront of its launch in North America. A full and comprehensive marketing and advertising campaign will also be introduced. An exciting opportunity for a brand and company that is positioned for tremendous success and high market share in North America.

Join Big Max USA team of trolley sales representatives as it launches its flagship model, the BLADE in North America. The trolley that folds 4 inches thin! With the BLADE BIG MAX has succeeded in bringing to market the most spectacular trolley in terms of design and functionality. BIG MAX has made the golf business's very own "Twiggy"!. With its ultra-slim design it stands out from the crowd of functional push trolleys. The Blade scores highly once again as it can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of a few seconds because the wheels automatically flip out.

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To learn more about joining our team of professionals, please contact Steffano Hsu by email or by phone at (626) 382-1600.

Steffano Hsu