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Links Magazine features top 25 lists to celebrate 25th anniversary

HILTON HEAD, S.C. -- The question is as old-and as tricky-as the game itself: "Who is the best golfer of all time?"

While most pundits usually dodge giving a straight answer, LINKS Magazine-the freshest and most exciting magazine in golf-has no such qualms. In the magazine's 25th anniversary edition, which features six lists of "Top 25s" in golf's long history, the editors come right out and say that the best player is...

...Either Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods. They are numbers one and two, but the winner isn't going to be named here.

Perhaps even more interesting than who tops the list is the lineup of stars that follow. The names include Hogan, Hagen, and Snead, not to mention Jones, Watson, and Mickelson. Plus a few that are sure to surprise even the savviest of golf fans.

"We've taken the bold and brazen path," explains editor George Peper, who adds, "Having said that, we've also copped out a bit." Acknowledging that it is difficult to rank the best of the best across eras, genders, and continents, the Top 25 list of players is divided into three groups: Top 15 Americans, Top 5 Internationals, and Top 5 Women.

How were the rankings determined? Number of victories is not the only criterion. "All three lists take into account other factors," says Peper, "such as longevity, singular achievements, and overall contributions to the game."

As for LINKS' contributions to the game, the list of Top 25 Players, as well as the Top 25 Golf Resorts in the world, are viewable now on the magazine's website,, where readers can weigh in with their opinions of the results.

All six Top 25 lists will be released in the print edition of LINKS this week, at which point they also will be available on the new iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire versions, which come as part of the magazine's new "All Access" subscription.

LINKS Magazine was founded in 1988 with the mission of speaking to an audience of devoted golfers who share a passion for the best the game has to offer. It specializes in the most in-depth and reader-relatable information on courses, clubs, and communities throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and golf's emerging destinations around the world.

Complementing the printed magazine and the website, LINKS produces a number of custom products and has recently begun a comprehensive online strategy that includes a new iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire app, a website dedicated to golf real estate (, and will soon feature regular digital editions under the HotLINKS brand to augment the four-times-a-year publishing schedule of winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Karen Moraghan
Hunter Public Relations